National Vaccination Day 2021 Theme: Check Here

National vaccination day 2021 theme and related details are available here. The national vaccination day is observed on the 16th of March. It is also known as the national immunization day. In competitive exams, you will have to prepare with the important days and themes for the general awareness section. So, that you can easily answer the questions related to the important days and themes. Here we have added the complete details on the national vaccination day 2021 theme. So, go through the article and know the information in the exam point of view. Also, it is very important to memorize the theme for this year. after reading this article, you may get to know the full details and importance of the national vaccination day 2021 theme.

History of National Vaccination Day:

Check the history of national vaccination day here.

  • From 1955, March 16th, the national vaccination day is being celebrated.
  • This day is to celebrate the government’s pulse Polio campaign.
  • On March 16th of 1955, the first dose of oral polio vaccination had started. in this Pulse Polio program, children with the age of 0 to 5 years are provided with 2 drops of oral polio vaccine.

Importance of National Vaccination Day 2021:

Over the last few decades, India had to eradicate and fight various deadly diseases. Some of the most deadly diseases were TB, Tetanus, etc. Right now we are fighting with the COVID-19 for a year. Our nation has lost the lives of more than 1 lakh people. So, in this situation, people have to realize the importance of vaccination. Only then we can completely eradicate the covid-19 from our country

So, realize the importance of vaccination. The national vaccination day 2021 theme – will be updated soon. So, use it for all the competitive exam preparation.

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