Crack SBI Clerk / Syndicate PO / Canara Bank PO 2018 – Logical Reasoning (Miscellaneous) Day-1

Crack SBI Clerk / Syndicate PO / Canara Bank PO 2018 – Logical Reasoning (Miscellaneous) Day-1:

Dear Readers, Reasoning Section play a vital role in Banking and all other competitive exams. This year 2018 was started with three wonderful opportunities; Syndicate Bank PO Exam, Canara Bank PO Exam and Most Awaited SBI Clerk 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Practice Questions on Reasoning Ability – Miscellaneous. Candidates those who are going to appear in Bank Exams 2018 can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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1) How many such pairs of letters are there in the Word EXTRUSION each of which has as many letters between them in the word as they have between them in the English alphabetical series?

  1. None
  2. One
  3. Three
  4. Four
  5. Six

Direction (2 – 3) Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below.

Point C is 10m North of point A. Point B is exactly in the middle of the point C and A. Point E is 7m east of point A. Point F is 7m east of the point Band 6m south of D.

2) What is the Distance between D and E?

  1. 10 m
  2. 15 m
  3. 11 m
  4. 16 m
  5. None of these

3) Point B is Which direction with respect to point E?

  1. North east
  2. North west
  3. South west
  4. South east
  5. None of these

Direction (4-5) Study the following arrangement and answer the question given below.

@ 2 K A 5 C 4 © Q T 8 £ V 7 % B 1 3 E G H 6 $ S M 9 O P

4) How many such vowels are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately followed by a letter and preceded by a number?

  1. 1
  2. 3
  3. None
  4. 4
  5. 2

5) If all the numbers are deleted from the above arrangement then which of the following is the eleventh element from the right end?

  1. B
  2. V
  3. %
  4. T
  5. @

Directions (6-10) Study the following information to answer the given questions.

′List Post Much Draft′ is written as                 ′[email protected]    15&S       14*G   18%G′

′Sketch Softly Trying Flight′ is written as       ′8*G      21%B      22*T    21#S′

′Plenty Stars Things Bunch′ is written as        ′[email protected]   1&S        22*H    18#B′

′Smart Branch Twenty Church′ is written as    ′5&S     [email protected]     22#B    [email protected]

6) What is the code for “Fancy Dress”?

  1. [email protected] 3*H
  2. [email protected] 3#H
  3. 5*B  [email protected]
  4. [email protected] 3#H
  5. Cannot be determined

7) What is the code for “Growth”?

  1. 6%S
  2. [email protected]
  3. 9%S
  4. [email protected]
  5. Cannot be determined

8) What is the code for “Flying Bird”?

  1. [email protected] 4*W
  2. 8*T [email protected]
  3. 8*T 4*W
  4. [email protected] [email protected]
  5. Cannot be determined

9) What is code for “Thirst Plan” ?

  1. 22*G [email protected]
  2. 20*G 18&M
  3. [email protected] 16#M
  4. [email protected] [email protected]
  5. Cannot be determined

10) What is code for “Sun Desk” ?

  1. 18#M 6&P
  2. 18*M [email protected]
  3. 18%M 6%P
  4. 18&M 6#P
  5. Cannot be determined


  1. Answer d) Four

Direction (2-3)

2.  Answer c) 11 m

3. Answer b) North west

4. Answer e) 2

3EG, 9OP

5. Answer b) V

J @ K A C © Q T £ V % B E G H $ S M O P

Eleventh element from the right end=V

Direction (6-10)


Symbol :according to vowel used in the word

For  [email protected] , E-# , I-*,  O-%, U-&.

Letter : Reverse opposite letter of last alphabet

Example- In List, last letter is T and its reverse opposite letter is G and same for all.

Number : According tonumber of alphabet used in word

If evennumber of alphabetsin the word then the position order of first alphabet in alphabetsseries +2.

If odd number of alphabets in the word then the position order of first alphabet-1.

6.  Answer b) [email protected] 3#H

7. Answer c) 9%S

8. Answer c) 8*T 4*W

9. Answer a) 22*G [email protected]

10. Answer d) 18&M 6#P

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