Preparation Strategy to Score High Marks in General Awareness Section – Especially for IBPS PO/Clerk 2019

Preparation Strategy to Score High Marks in General Awareness Section – Especially for SBI & IBPS Mains 2019:
Dear Readers, at the present time every Banking Exam’s getting tough, so in Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and English hardly we can attempt only 50 to 60% of questions. In this place, General Knowledge plays an important role if you prepare sincerely will get around 80-90% of marks easily in General Awareness Section. This will help you to increase the score and it will become an important pillar for the final selection.

The first step in Preparation Strategy of GA is to be clear about, what all the topics to be covered and what must be ignored. Extensive preparation of GA at the last minute might lead you to be perplexed. So you need, focused and efficient preparation, that doesn’t waste your time and at the same way gives maximum returns on the effort you put in.


GA section can be divided into three parts,

  1. Banking Awareness
  2. Current Affairs
  3. Static GK

Banking Awareness:

Nowadays a lot of questions come from Banking Awareness part, the aspirants who are preparing for IBPS Exam must study the following part other than traditional Banking Awareness like,

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Important Banking Awareness Topics are:

  • History of Banking
  • The Reserve Bank of India
  • Functions of RBI
  • Monetary Policy (Quantitative and Qualitative Tools )
  • Nationalization of Banks
  • Important Banking Institutions (NABARD, SIDBI, ECGC, etc)
  • Credit Rating Agencies in India
  • Types of Accounts, Deposits
  • Types of banking and money instruments
  • NBFC
  • Capital and Money Market
  • KYC
  • Types of Payments and Money Transfer (UPI, ATM, USSD.,)
  • BASEL Norms
  • Priority Sector Lending
  • Types of Risks
  • Types of Inflation
  • Financial Inclusion Schemes
  • Small Finance and Payment Banks
  • Foreign Exchange Reserves
  • Headquarters and Tag lines
  • FDI
  • Banking Abbreviations
  • Appointments in various Financial Institutions (Both National and International)
  • New technologies introduced in Banking
  • New schemes related to Banking
  • Monetary Policy
  • NPA, PCA
  • Committee’s in News
  • Current affairs related to Banking
  • Indian and World Economy
  • Financial terms and concepts
  • People and Bank in News
  • Loans sanctioned by various International Financial Institutions

Currently the trend among the questions seems to predominantly test a candidate’s General Awareness about major happenings. So make sure that instead of venturing into academic or deep conceptual aspects of financial affairs, you focus more on crucial details from what you read.

Current Affairs:

Around 15- 20 questions come out from the current affairs section. By and large, you should cover at least 4-5 month current affairs (Preparing 6 months is best), studying only three months is not enough for these days. And these 4-5 months current affairs must be finished and revised up to a week before the exam.  The following topics are most important when preparing current affairs,

  • Agreements and MoU’s
  • Summits and its theme
  • Business Deals and Acquisitions
  • Government Schemes
  • Important Dates especially themes related to these dates ( 1 or 2 questions )
  • Persons in News
  • Awards
  • Sports ( study both winner and runner, the venue the sports meet held, persons related to the particular sports )
  • National and International news
  • India’s rank in different indexes
  • Books and Author
  • Obituaries ( If the person related to politics means study his/ her constituency, related to science means study his/her specialized area and any award which he got )
  • Money allocated for various projects
  • Defense news  ( news regarding ISRO, NASA, ESA, JAXA, RosCosmos, CNSA, satellites launched by ISRO, missiles launched, Exercises)
  • Appointments

Whenever you come across a news item that falls under these domains, make sure that you read it in and out.

Static Gk:

Static GK section is the vast one compare to the other two parts, in recent times the questions not only comes from Indian static part but also world static. So when preparing this section one must include Foreign Banks and its Headquarters, Famous Stadiums in World and then the other remaining traditional Static GK parts like country, currency and capital, wildlife sanctuary, Airports, Temples etc.,

Important Static GK Topics are:

  • Rivers and City, Dam, Waterfalls
  • Temple, Palace
  • Stadiums, Airports, Ports
  • Country, Currency and Capital
  • Important Days& Themes
  • Power plants
  • Committees
  • National Parks, Tiger reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Sports Person, Winners, Cups, Term
  • State C.M, Governor, Capital
  • Head Quarters Banks/ World Organization, Taglines
  • Appointment (National/International)
  • State Capital, Central Ministers, Constituency
  • Full Forms (Bank , Government Scheme)
  • State and Central Schemes
  • Satellites
  • MoU and Name of Exercise
  • 2011 Census
  • Recent Obituaries
  • Awards
  • Books and Authors
  • Venues of Recent Summits and Conferences
  • Rankings
  • Dances
  • Revolutions
  • Click Here for Important Static GK Materials (Topicwise)
  • Click Here for Important Static GK Questions
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