Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Mensuration) for IBPS Clerk Mains Day-4

Quantitative Aptitude Questions Mensuration Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains Day-4:

Dear Readers, IBPS is conducting Online Mains Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. Main Examination of IBPS Clerk was scheduled from 21st Jan 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Mensuration Questions – Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in IBPS Clerk Main Exam can practice these Quantitative Aptitude Average questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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  1. The perimeter of a rectangle is y meters and the circumference of a circle is 7m more than the perimeter of the rectangle. The ratio of the radius of the circle to the breadth of the rectangle is 2:3 and the ratio of the length to the breadth of the rectangle is 9:5. Find the breadth of the rectangle.
  1. 4.23 m
  2. 8.75m
  3. 9.23 m
  4. 4.95 m
  5. 6.72m


  1. A square and an equilateral triangle have same perimeter. The diagonal of the square is 12(2)1/2cm. What is the area of the equilateral triangle?
  1. 64  sq cm
  2. 60  sq cm
  3. 48  sq cm
  4. 64  sq cm
  5. None of these
  1. The length and the breadth of rectangular plot are in the ratio of 8:6. If the cost of fencing the plot @ Rs. 25 per meter is Rs. 5600. What is the area of the plot?
  1. 2240
  2. 2560
  3. 3978
  4. 3072
  5. None of these
  1. A field can be ploughed in 16 days. If 18 more hectares of land is ploughed daily, the work will be finished in 10 days. Find the area of the field.
  1. 420 hectares
  2. 520 hectares
  3. 480 hectares
  4. 400 hectares
  5. None of these
  1. A sphere of radius r is cut by a plane at a distance of h from its center, thereby breaking this sphere into two different pieces. The cumulative surface area of these two pieces is 25% more than that of the sphere. Find h.






  1. The Circumference of a playground is 264 meters. There is a 7 meter wide around the ground. The area of the path is,
  1. 2310 sq m
  2. 2002 sq m
  3. 2530 sq m
  4. 2510 sq m
  5. 2210 sq m
  1. The sum of the dimensions of a room ( ie., length, breadth and height) is 18 metres and its length, breadth and height are in the ratio of 3:2:1. If the room is to be painted at the rate of Rs. 15 per m2, What would be the total cost incurred on painting the room(in Rs.)?
  1. 1750
  2. 1700
  3. 1450
  4. 1350
  5. None of these
  1. Quantity I: Find the breadth of a rectangle if the length and the breadth of the rectangle are in the ratio of 5:3 and the perimeter is 80 cm.

Quantity II: What is the side of a cube if the surface area of the cube is 2166 sq cm?

Find the quantity I and II answers.

  1. 25, 19
  2. 15, 17
  3. 25,17
  4. 15,19
  5. None of these
  1. The ratio of three angles of a quadrilateral is 9:4:7. The value of the fourth angle is 80 degree. What is the difference between the largest and the third largest angles of the quadrilateral?
  1. 52 deg
  2. 56 deg
  3. 46 deg
  4. 48 deg
  5. None of these
  1. The length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio of 9:5. When the sides of the rectangle are extended on each side by 5 meters the ratio of length to breadth becomes 5:3. What is the area of the original rectangle?
  1. 1170 sq m
  2. 1125 sq m
  3. 1575 sq m
  4. 1035 sq m
  5. None of these

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