Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Partnership) for SBI Clerk 2018 Day-9

Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Partnership) for SBI Clerk 2018 Day-9:

Dear Readers, SBI is conducting Online preliminary Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. preliminary Examination of SBI Clerk was scheduled from March 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Partnership – Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam can practice these Quantitative Aptitude average questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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Q.1) A, B and C enter into a business with the capital of Rs.2000, Rs.3000 and Rs. x respectively. After 6 months, A and B further invested their capital by 100% of previous investment and C further invested 50% of previous investment. At the end of a year C received Rs.3000 out of Rs.7500, then find the value of ‘x’

  1. Rs.5000
  2. Rs.6000
  3. Rs.4000
  4. Rs.2400
  5. Rs.3600

Q.2) Shamili and Kamal enter into a business. Shamili invest Rs. 4000 and Kamal invest ‘x’ amount more than Shamili’s investment, after 4 months Mani joins with Rs. (x+6000). Find the total profit, at the end of one year, if Shamili and Kamal received Rs.2400 and Rs.3600 respectively.

  1. Rs.8400
  2. Rs.9200
  3. Rs.7800
  4. Rs.7600
  5. Rs.9400

Q.3) Arasi and Kala start a business with the capital of Rs.6000 and Rs.8000. At the end of every 4 months they additionally invest Rs.2000. Find the amount received by Kala if the total profit at the end of a year is Rs.7200?

  1. Rs.3200
  2. Rs.4200
  3. Rs.3600
  4. Rs.4000
  5. Rs.4800

Q.4) Kala, Nandu and Arasi start a business with the capital of Rs. x, Rs.6000 and Rs.2x respectively. After 6 months, Kala and Nandu invest additionally Rs.2000 each. Find the total profit at the end of a year if Kala and Nandu received Rs.2300 and Rs.3500 respectively   

  1. Rs.7200
  2. Rs.8800
  3. Rs.9400
  4. Rs.6600
  5. Rs.5400

Q.5) Shaanu and Priya enter into a partnership with the capital of Rs. 4200 and Rs.5600 respectively. Shaanu receives Rs.120 per month for maintaining a business and received Rs. 5940 as a share, then find the total profit at the end of a year

  1. Rs.6000
  2. Rs.4500
  3. Rs.7500
  4. Rs.10500
  5. Rs.5500

Q.6) Anu and Kalai start a business with the capital of Rs.x and Rs.3x respectively. After 4 months Anu increased her capital by 20% and Kalai increased her capital by 25%. At the end of a year Anu received Rs. 3400 Share out of Rs.13900, then find the total investment

  1. Rs.600
  2. Rs.1200
  3. Rs.1000
  4. Rs.900
  5. Rs.3000

Q.7) Shankar, Shaalu and Shanmu start a business with the capital of Rs.2000, Rs.4000 and Rs.6000 respectively. After some months Shankar accrues his capital by 20% and received Rs.1800 less than the one-third of the total profit. How many months after did Shankar increased his capital if the total profit of Rs. 12300           

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 3
  5. 2

Q.8) A is active partner and B is sleeping partner in a business and invest equal amount. A received 10% of his capital for maintaining the business and received Rs. 1400 as a share, then find the amount they invested together if the profit is divided equally

  1. Rs.8000
  2. Rs.4000
  3. Rs.2000
  4. Data insufficient
  5. None of these

Q.9) Arjun and Prasanya start a business and invest Rs.20000 each. Prasanya borrowed whole amount from Arjun with the interest of 5% per annum. Arjun gives Rs.80 per month for maintaining the amount. Find the difference between the total amount received by Arjun and total amount received by Prasanya at the end of one year if Prasanya received Rs.24960 and the profit is divided based on the investment ratio.

  1. 40
  2. 20
  3. 80
  4. 50
  5. 60

Q.10) Kamala and Shamala start a business with the capital of Rs.4500 and Rs.5400 respectively. After some months Shamala left the business and received one-third of the total profit, then how many months Kamala alone run the business? 

  1. 5 months
  2. 6 months
  3. 4 months
  4. 7 months
  5. 8 months

Answers With Explanation::

Q.1) Answer c

A and B’s profit ratio = (2000×6+4000×6):(3000×6+6000×6)


A’s share = (7500-3000)×2/5=4500×2/5=1800

A and C’s profit ratio = (2000×6+4000×6):(x×6+3x/2×6)=1800:3000


Q.2) Answer b

Shamili and Kamal’s profit ratio = (4000×12):((4000+x)×12)=2400:3600



Profit ratio = (4000×12):(6000×12):(8000×8)


Total profit = 2400/6×23=Rs.9200

Q.3) Answer d

Arasi and Kala profit ratio

=(6000×4+8000×4+10000×4)  :(8000×4+10000×4+12000×4)


Kala’s share =7200× 5/9=Rs.4000

Q.4) Answer c

Profit ratio of Kala and Nandu

= (x*6+(x+2000)*6): (6000*6+8000*6)=2300/3500

=> (12x+12000)/84000 = 2300/3500

=> 60x+60000= 276000

=> x= 3600

Profit ratio of Kala, Nandu and Arasi = 23:35:36

Total profit = 2300/23 *94=Rs.9400

Q.5) Answer d

Shaanu and Priya’s profit ratio = 4200:5600=3:4

Total profit = (5940-1440)*(7/3) = (4500/3)*7=Rs.10500

Q.6) Answer c


Anu and Kalai profit ratio = (x*4+(x*6/5*8)) : (3x*4+3x*5/4*8)=3400: 10500

Simplify the above equation, we get x= 250

Total investment = 4*250=1000

Q.7) Answer d


Shankar share = (12300/3)-1800=Rs.2300

Shaalu and Shanmu profit ratio = 4000:6000=4:6

Shaalu’s share = 10000*(4/10)=4000

Shankar and Shaalu’s profit ratio

= (2000*x+2400*(12-x)) : (4000*12) = 2300: 4000

Simplify the above equation, we get x=3 months

Q.8) Answer d

The given data is insufficient to answer the given question.

Q.9) Answer c

Prasanya share = x-(20000*(5/100) +960) =24960


Total profit = 25000*2=50000

Required difference = (25000+1000-960)-(24960) =Rs.80

Q.10) Answer d


Kamala and Shamala profit ratio = (4500*12): (5400*x)=2:1

2’s share= 54000=>1’s share=27000


X=27000/5400 = 5

Simplify the above equation, we get x= 5 months

So, the answer is 7 months

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