Quant Questions – Average Problems with Solution Set 8

Dear Readers, Important Average Problems for upcoming competitive Exams with Solutions. Average is an important topic from banking exam point of view. You could solve Average problems easily if you understand the basic concepts. Aspirants preparing for SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, Insurance, RBI and other competitive examination can make of use these average problems. We have included some important average problems that are repeatedly asking in competitive exams. Practice lot of questions to become an expert in solving average problems and learn to use shortcuts.

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1)The average of first N consecutive number is 107/14  if one number is deleted. Then find the value of that number



(c) 13


(e) none of these 

2)In an examination, Fahad, nazzir, Imran scored 26%, 36% and 51% respectively. Out these candidates two passed in the examination and  Imran 32 marks more than the pass mark while fahad failed by 18 marks Then find the nazzir mark and pass mark.


(b) 70,72



(e) none of these

3)If the person scored 70% of total marks in 3 papers .In one subject he scored 55% out of 120 marks. What percentage he should get in other two subjects if the total marks of both are 150.



(c)77 %

(d) 76%

(e) none of these

4)In a cricket tournament one scored the highest, which is 81 if he scored 92 his team average score in that match becomes 80.what is the total score of the team?





(e).None of these

5)The average of height of 28 persons recorded as 175cm. It was found that the height of ankita is missed, which increases the average by 2. Then what is the height of ankita?

  1. 117 cm
  2. 210 cm
  3. 455 cm
  4. 175 cm
  5. 105 cm

6)Group of worker they were 37 in count, went for week end trip. They meet 5 more colleagues joined them. So average expenditure of individual increased by 15. The overall expenditure increased by 2520. What is the original amount if the initial worker alone enjoyed the holiday?





(e) none of these

7)The average weight of boys in a class is 25 pound and the average weight girls in class is 18 pound and the average weight overall class is 20.25. Then what could be the possible strength of the boys and girls in the class?





(e) none of these 

8)In suresh &co, they are doing prefabricated structures manufacturing units. They have officers and non officers (sub ordinates) in their office. The total salary for all the employees is 2.2 lakhs. The ratio of officers and non officers is 44:25 and the salary ratio is 5:3 .what is the total no. of employees?


(b) 6425



(e) none of these

9)The average score of Kowshik, Thilak, Prakash is 46. Kowshik is 8 marks less than that of pradeep and 5 marks more than that of prakash. If Pradeep scored 20 marks more than the average of Kowshik, Thilak, Prakash. What is the sum of Thilak and Prakash score?





(e) none of these

10)The average weight of 46 students is 35kg. In that it was wrongly interpreted the weight of 2 people. For one person instead of 42 kg is noted as 38kg and for another one instead of 35kg it is taken as 41kg.Then what will be the original average weight of the class (decimal up to 2 values)?

  1. 36.12kg
  2. 35.55kg
  3. 34.95kg
  4. 33.78kg
  5. none of these

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