Quant Questions – Partnership Problems Set-4

Dear Readers, IBPS is conducting Online Mains Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. Main Examination of IBPS Clerk was scheduled from 21st Jan 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in IBPS Clerk Main Exam can practice these Quantitative Aptitude Average questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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1) Anu and Kamal  started a business with a investment ratio of 5:8. After 7 month Arun joined with an investment of 12000. Profit obtained at the end of the year is 8480. What is value of X and What is sum of profit earned by Anu and Kamal?

(a).1500, 6240




(E) none of these


2)Anu is working partner and Vidhya is sleeping partner in an organization. Anu puts 6000 and vidhya puts 5000. Anu receives 12.5% from profit for maintaining and running an organization. The rest is divided between according to their capital. What does vidhya  get if the profit at the end of year is 880?

(a) 415




(e)None of these


3)P,Q and R are partners. They all together invested Rs.14000 in business. At the end of year, P got Rs. 337.50 , Q got Rs.637.50 and R got 1125 and . what is the difference between the investment of R and P ?





(e). None of these


4)Nithya, Deepa, Priya joined in a new office. They rented a house and agreed to share their rent (Nithya: priya =7:4; Deepa: Priya =5:6), If the total rent is 5530,  then the amount paid by Nithya will be?





(e).None of these

5)A certain amount of money is to be divided among P, Q and R in the ratio of 4:7:6 respectively. The difference between the amount of P and R is 4000.  What is the total amount received by P and Q together?





(e).None of these


6)A , B and C  invested in a business for 12 months, 10 months and 12 months respectively. The amount that B invested was half of the amount that  A invested and one – third of the amount that c invested. If at the end of the year, A received Rs.2904  as his share OF profit. What was C’s share?





(e). None of these


7)A started a business. After 4 months from the start of the business, B and C joined him. The ratio of the investments of A,B and C was 4:6:5 .If  A’s share in annual profit was Rs.250 more than that by c, what was the total annual profit  earned?






8)A began a small business by investing a certain amount of money. After four months from the start of business,’ B’ joins the business with an amount which is Rs.6000 less than A’s initial investment. ’c’ joins the business after seven months from the start of the business with an amount which is 2000 less than A’s initial investment. At the end of the year total investment reported was Rs.1,42,000. What will be A’s share if B received Rs.8000  as profit share?





(e)None of these

9)A and B started a business with initial investment in the ratio of 5:7. After one year their Profit were in the ratio of 1:2 and the period of A’s investment was 7 months, then B invested the money for?




(d).1 year

(e). None of these


10) Siddarth and Abimanyu enter into partnership by investing 9000 and 8000 respectively. After 3 months siddarath withdraws 2500 while abimanyu invest 2500 more. After 3 month, Anu joins the business   with a capital 15000. How much share of the profit of Abimanyu exceeds that of anu out of a total profit of 29400?





(e)None of these


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