Quant Questions Problems on Ages Set-4

Dear Readers, IBPS is conducting Online Mains Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. Main Examination of IBPS Clerk was scheduled from 21st Jan 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Problems on Ages Questions – Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in IBPS Clerk Main Exam can practice these Quantitative Aptitude Average questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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  1. Five years ago, the average age of the family which consists of four members was 40 years. If two people are added in the family and the average age of the family remains same today. If the ages of the new family members differ by 4 years, what is the age of the Elder one between the two?

(a)28 yrs

(b)32 yrs

(c)36 yrs


(e)None of these

  1. What is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of numbers in the class, If the average age of the boys in the class is 17 years and that of the girls is 14 years and the average age of class is 16 years?





(e)None of these

  1. Three Years ago, the ratio of A’s age at that time to B’s age at that time was 5:9. A’s age five years ago was 14 years less than B’s age 7 years ago. What is B’s present age?

(a)36 yrs




(e)None of these

  1. What is the total age of the these two men .The average of 7 persons in a committee is increased by 3years when two women aged 25 years and 55 years are replaced by two men?

(a).58 yrs

(b).52 yrs

(c). 59 yrs


(e).None of these

  1. If the sum of ages of kamal and shivaji is 88 years old and also Rajini is much older than kamal as he is younger than shivaji. Then What is the difference between Rajini and kamal?(in years)

(a)18 years

(b)12 years

(c)15 years

(d)17 years

(e)Can’t be determined 

  1. Vishal got married 9 years ago. Today his age is 1 1/3times of that at the times of his marriage. At present, his daughter’s age is one –sixth of his age. What will be his daughter’s age 4 years from now?

(a).9 years

(b). 14 years

(c). 10years

(d) 12 years

(e).None of these

  1. 4 years ago father’s age is 3 times of his daughter. 3 years after the sum of ages of father and daughter is 94 years, Then what is the age of father?

(a).64 years

(b).66 years

(c).69 years

(d).61 years

(e).None of these

  1. Raman’s present age is three times his daughter’s and nine- thirteenth of his mother’s present age. The sum of the present ages of all three of them is 125 years .What is the difference between the present ages of Raman’s daughter and Raman’s mother?

(a)45 years

(b)48 years

(c)52 years

(d)50 years

(e)None of these 

  1. The present age of P is equal to Q’s age three years ago. The ratio of the present age of P to that of R is 5:4. If Q is 6 years older than R then what is Q’s present age(in years) and Q is 5 years old at the time of her brother’s birth,then what is the age of her brother at present?

(a).27, 22

(b) 18,13



 (e).None of these

  1. How much money does A have, If A has half the money of B and B has 50% more money than C. If average money of the entire three people is 36000, how much money does A have?


(b)108000 /13



(e) none

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