Quant Questions – Profit and Loss Problems Set-14

Dear Readers, IBPS is conducting Online Mains Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. Main Examination of IBPS Clerk was scheduled from 21st Jan 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in IBPS Clerk Main Exam can practice these Quantitative Aptitude Average questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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1)The marked price of an article is increased by 30 and the selling price is increased by 33.32then the profit is doubled. If original price be Rs.500 which is greater than the corresponding Cost price by 66.66. What is increased selling price?





(e)None of these

2)Shopkeeper buys 90 cycles and marks them at 40% above the cost price. He allows a discount of 10% on the marked price for cash sale and 5% discount for credit sale. If three-fifth of the cycles are sold at cash and remaining for credit, the total profit be Rs 518400. What is the cost price of a cycle?





(e)None of these

3)A group of toyshop makers make toy for sales. They spent Rs.200 on velvet, Rs.10 on thread and needle and Rs. 54 on miscellaneous item. They made 100  toys , 50% of which were purchased by force by some new makers causing them a loss of 50%. At what % profit should they sell the remaining toys so as to gain 50% on their total cost?





(e)None of these

4)A seller marked up her product by 25% and then gives a discount of 25%. Besides he cheats customer by 200g , i.e., He gave 800g instead of 1000g. What is his net profit percentage?(rounded off to two decimal points)



(c) 14.58%


(e)None of these

5)There are five boxes in cargo hold. The weight of the first box 200kg and the weight of second box is 20% higher than the weight of the third box, whose weight is 25% higher than the first box. The fourth box at 350kg  is 30% lighter than 5th box. Find the difference average weight of the 4 heaviest boxes and the 4 lightest boxes?





(e)None of these

6)A shop keeper has 100kg of rice, a part of which he sells at 20% profit and the rest at 10% loss. He gains 14% on the whole. How much was sold at 20% gain and 10% loss?

(a)65kg and 35kg

(b)60kg and 40kg

(c)75kg and 25kg

(d)80kg and 20kg

(e)None of these

7)A business man started business with low capital in the first year. He earned a profit 25% and donated 50% of the total capital (initial capital +profit) to NGO. The same process followed in the 2nd and 3rd year. If at the end of the three year, he is left with Rs.11712. Then find the amount donated by him at the end of 2nd year?


(b)Rs. 21000

(c)Rs. 15000


(e)None of these

8)A man pay Rs.12.8 per litre of milk. He adds water and sells the mixture at 16 per litre, there by making 37.5% profit find the proportion of the water to that of the milk received by the customers?





(e)None of these

9)A person sells a 2 cup and saucers to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 15%. The wholesaler sells the same to a retailer at a profit of 25%. The retailer in turn sells them to a customer for Rs.32.86, there by earning a profit of 27%. The cost price for the manufacturer is?






10) Soundarya bought an article and spent Rs.220 on its repairs. She then sold it to Ragu at a profit of 20%, Suresh at the loss of 10%, Suresh finally sold it for Rs.1188  at a profit of 10%. How much amount Soundarya pay for the article?





(e)None of these

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