Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Time and Distance) for SBI Clerk 2018 Day-31

Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Time and Distance) for SBI Clerk 2018 Day-31:

Dear Readers, SBI is conducting Online preliminary Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. preliminary Examination of SBI Clerk was scheduled from June/July 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Time and Distance- Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam can practice these Quantitative Aptitude average questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

Topic Daily Publishing Time
Daily News Papers & Editorials 8.00 AM
Current Affairs Quiz 9.00 AM
Logical Reasoning 10.00 AM
Quantitative Aptitude “20-20” 11.00 AM
Vocabulary (Based on The Hindu) 12.00 PM
Static GK Quiz 1.00 PM
English Language “20-20” 2.00 PM
Banking Awareness Quiz 3.00 PM
Reasoning Puzzles & Seating 4.00 PM
Daily Current Affairs Updates 5.00 PM
Data Interpretation / Application Sums (Topic Wise) 6.00 PM
Reasoning Ability “20-20” 7.00 PM
English Language (New Pattern Questions) 8.00 PM
General / Financial Awareness Quiz 9.00 PM

1) Two buses start at same time from Chennai and Bangalore, which are 250km apart. If the two buses travel towards each other, they meet after 1hr and if they travel in same direction they meet after 5hrs. What is the speed of the bus starts from Chennai if it is know that the one which started from Chennai has more speed than the other one?
A) 150km/hr
B) 100km/hr
C) 45km/hr
D) 80km/hr
E) 120km/hr
2) Car A leaves the city at 5pm and is driven at a speed of 30km/hr. 3hrs later another car B leaves the city in the same direction as car A. In how much time will car B be 12kms ahead of car A if the speed of car B is 50km/hr?
A) 5hrs
B) 4 hrs 12 mins
C) 8hrs
D) 5 hrs 6 mins
E) 12hrs
3) Two train starts at the same time from Delhi and Agra and proceed towards each other at the rate of 40km/hr and 37 1/2km/hr. When they meet it is found that one train has traveled 200km more than the other train. What is the distance between Delhi and Agra?
A) 6200km
B) 5000km
C) 4200km
D) 4800km
E) 6000km
4) A man walks from A to B and cycles from B to A, a distance of 37.5 km in all spending 2 hours and 40 minutes. He would have taken 2/3rd hour less had he chosen to cycle the entire distance of 37.5 km. what would have been the time taken by him If he had chosen to walk both the ways?

a) 3 hours 30 min

b) 3 hours 20 min

c) 3 hours 12 min

d) 3 hours 25 min

e) None of these

5)  Sanjay covers a certain distance with his own speed, but when he reduces his speed by 10 kmph his time duration for the journey increases by 40 hours, while if he increases his speed by 5 kmph from his original speed he takes 10 hours less than the original time taken. Find the distance covered by him.

a) 1200 km

b) 1500 km

c) 1600 km

d) 1300 km

e) None of these

6) Two persons start from the opposite ends of a 90 km straight track and run to and from between the two ends. The speed of first person is 30 m/s and the speed of other is 125/6 m/s. They continue their motion for 10 hours. How many times they pass each other?

a) 10

b) 9

c) 12

d) 15

e) None of these

7) P, Q & R participated in a race. P covers the same distance in 49 steps, as Q covers in 50 steps and R in 51 steps. P takes 10 steps in the same time as Q takes 9 steps and R takes 8 steps. Who is the winner of the race?

a) P

b) Q

c) R

d) Can’t be determined

e)None of these

8) Raghav drives his truck very fast at 360 kmph. Moving ahead for some hours he finds some problem in headlights of the truck. So he takes 20 seconds in changing in the bulb of the headlight by stopping the truck. Mean while he notices that 2nd truck which was 400 m back is now 200 m ahead of his truck. What is the speed of 2nd truck?

a) 100 kmph

b) 92 kmph

c) 108 kmph

d) 300 kmph

e) None of these

9) The distance between two towns A and B is 545 km. A train starts from town A at 8 A.M. and travels towards town B at 80 km/hr. Another train starts from town B at 9 : 30 A.M. and travels towards town A at 90 km/hr. At what time will they meet each other?

A) 11:30 AM

B) 12:30 PM

C) 12:00 PM

D) 1:00 PM

E) 11:00 AM

10) Towns A and B are 225 km apart. Two cars P and Q travel towards each other from towns A and B respectively and meet after 3 hours. If the speed of P be 1/2 of its original speed and Q be 2/3 of its original speed, they would have met after 5 hours. Find the speed of the faster car.

A) 50 km/hr

B) 40 km/hr

C) 45 km/hr

D) 30 km/hr

E) 60 km/hr


1) Answer: A

Here we have two speeds. We get 2 equations as.
250/1hr = C+B—1 (Travelling in opposite direction, speed must be added ie C+B)
250/5hr = C-B—2 (Travelling in same direction, speed to be subtracted. ie C-B)
solving 2 eqn C=150km/hr.

2) Answer: D
Car A travels 3hrs. 3*30=90km
Difference between speeds 50-30=20km/hr
Distance ahead 12km . 90+12=102km
T=D/S ===>102/20=5 hrs 6 mins

3) Answer: A
Speed ratio 40:37 1/2==>40: 75/2==>80:75 ie 16:15
ratio diff  between speed is 1[16-15] 1 ===> 200 (more distance)
[16+15]31 ===>?

4) Answer: B

He takes 40 minutes less to cycle than to walk. Thus, on the whole he takes 40 more.

Required time = 3 hours 20 minutes

5) Answer: B

D = S * T

With 1st condition when speed decreases eq is–:  4S – T = 40 ——1)

With 2nd condition when speed increased eq is –:  (– 2S) + T = 10 ——–2)

Solving the a above two eq we get S = 25 kmph and T = 60 h

hence, distance = 25 * 60 = 1500 km

6) Answer: C

The speeds of two persons is 108 kmph and 75 kmph.

The first person covers (108*10)=1080 km in 10 hours and thus he makes (1080/90)=12 rounds.

Thus, he will pass over another person 12 times in any one of the direction.

7) Answer: A

Distance=> P*49 = Q*50 = R*51

P= Distance/49, Q= Distance/50, R= Distance/51

Time => P*10 = Q*9 = R*8

P = Time/10, Q = Time/9, R= Time/8

P’s speed = (Distance/49)/(Time/10) = 10/49

Same like that,

The ratio of speeds of P, Q, R = (10/49) : (9/50) : (8/51)

Hence, P is the fastest.

8) Answer: C

Speed of 2nd truck = [(400 + 200)/20] * [18/5] kmph  = 108 kmph

9) Answer: C

With 80 km/hr, distance travelled in 1 and half hours (9:30AM – 8AM) is 3/2 * 80 = 120 Km
Now second train also starts, and at this time distance between both trains is (545-120) = 425 km
Relative speed = 80+90 = 170 km/hr (when travelling in opposite direction, add speed)
So time when they meet = 425/170 = 2.5 hrs
So after 9:30 AM they meet after 2.5 hrs, so 12 PM

10) Answer: C
Let speeds be x km/hr and y km/hr
So 225/(x+y) = 3
And 225/(x/2 + 2y/3) = 5
Solve, x = 30, y = 45

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