Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Boat & streams) for IBPS Clerk Prelims Day-5

Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Boat & streams) for IBPS Clerk Prelims Day-5:

Dear Readers, IBPS is conducting Online Examination for the recruitment of Clerical Cadre. Preliminary Examination of IBPS Clerk was scheduled from 2nd Dec 2017. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Quantitative Aptitude Questions. Candidates those who are appearing in IBPS Clerk Exam can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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1). A boat can row in upstream at 8km/hr and in downstream at 18 km/hr. find the rate of current and rate of boat in still water and what is the time taken by a man cover the distance of 36km along the stream?

  1. 13 ,5, 2
  2. 12, 6,3
  3. 11, 7, 4
  4. 10, 8, 5
  5. None of these


2). Kalish can row at the speed of 14kmph. If the rate of stream is 3.5kmph, it takes 2 hrs to him to reach a place and comes back. Then what is the distance between the places?

  1. 13.125km
  2. 14.5km
  3. 16.25 km
  4. 17.5km
  5. None of these


3). Deepa can row the distance in downstream at 8hr and returns in 12hr.If the stream flows at the rate of 4kmph then what is speed of deepa in still water?

  1. 15kmph
  2. 18kmph
  3. 20kmph
  4. 21kmph
  5. None of these


4). Vidhya can row in still water at speed of 6kmph  to a certain place and comes back .find her average speed for the journey, if the river moves in speed of 2.5kmph?(approx)

  1. 4kmph
  2. 4.5kmph
  3. 5kmph
  4. 5.5kmph
  5. None of these


5). The person can row in still water is 8km/hr and the river flows at 3 kmph and the time taken to cover a certain distance in upstream is 2.5 hrs more than the time taken cover the distance in downstream. Find the distance between the places (approx).

  1. 26km
  2. 21km
  3. 23km
  4. 27km
  5. None of these


6). A boat covers 25km in a 2 hr in downstream and 4 hr in upstream. What is sum the speed of current and speed of boat in still water?

  1. 12.5kmph
  2. 13kmph
  3. 14kmph
  4. 15kmph
  5. None of these


7). A person can row 2 km in 5min along the stream and 12km in an hour against the stream. Then the speed of the stream.

  1. 5kmph
  2. 6kmph
  3. 8kmph
  4. 7.5kmph
  5. None of these


8). A boat can cover 25 km upstream and 42 km downstream together in 7 hours. Also it can cover 30 km upstream and 63 km downstream together in 9 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

  1. 13 km/hr
  2. 8 km/hr
  3. 7 km/hr
  4. 11 km/hr
  5. 16 km/hr


9). While Kavitha is rowing a boat, She took 50% of time in moving a certain distance downstream than upstream. Find the ratio of the rate of boat in still water to the rate of current?

  1. 4:1
  2. 3:1
  3. 3:2
  4. 5:7
  5. None of these


10).  A boat goes 36km/h in still water. If the speed of current is 7.2km/h, it takes 1.5hr to row to a place and to come back. How far is the place?

  1. 27.5km
  2. 25.9km
  3. 29.6km
  4. 24.7km
  5. None of these

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