Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December | General Awareness

Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 2020Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December 2020 is available here!!! Detailed Section Wise Questions asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December 2020 PDF is given here exclusively for your reference. Candidates who are going to appear for the upcoming RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam shall check here.

Railway Recruitment Board has conducted the recruitment drive nationwide in various exam centers for the notification of Non-Technical Popular Category. One of the most important notifications for competitive aspirants. The RRB NTPC CBT-1 Exam has been scheduled for phase 1 from 28th December 2020 to 13th January 2021. Candidates shall download their admit card 4 days prior to the examination. Around 25 lakh candidates have going to attend the CBT 1 exam in phase 1. The RRB NTPC exam fever has been started from today onwards. A huge number of candidates who are having the exam schedule in phase 1 have attended the examination on their respective exam centers.

Our team has updated the RRB NTPC CBT 1 Exam Analysis 2020 instantly for your reference. Along with your exam point of view, we have also updated here the Questions asked in RRB NTPC Exam 2020. Candidates who are going to attend the CBT 1 exam in the upcoming days shall go through this article fully. By referring to this article, you come to know the most weightage topics and clarity about questions and their difficulties. From that, you can improve your marks by doing the revision to the weightage topics. For that here we have given you the section-wise questions asked in RRB NTPC CBT 1 Exam 2020 PDF. So aspirants shall refer to these Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December 2020 article download the PDF and boost up their marks.

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General Awareness Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December – 1st Shift

1) How many Bytes are there in 1KB?

2) Who is the Chairman of the 15th Finance commission?

3) Which of the following is India’s 29th state?

4) The trackball is what type of device?

5) Scientist of Big Bang Theory?

6) Question-related to bridge between Assam & Arunachal Pradesh?

7) Lower Jaw is called?

8) Current CM of Goa?

9) The Republic is written by?

10) Common Wealth games 2022 will be host by which country?

11) Full-Form Of HTTP?

12) Full form of CPU?

13) Full form of OECD?

14) New Elected President US?

15) Founder of the Mamluk Dynasty?

16) Economical Capital of South Africa?

17) Dachigam National Park?

18) FIFA 2022 Hosting country?

19) 24th Tirthankara?

20) CEO of Dream 11?

General Awareness Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December – 1st Shift

21) Banihal Pass?

22)  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched on- 2nd October 2014

23) Theme of Environment Day 2020? Climate Action

24) Nobel prize is given in how many fields? Six

25) Vito power is in hands of how many countries- 5

26) Aryabhatt Satellite was launched in which year?- 1975

27) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao started on which date-

28)  Cleanest city in India- Indore

29) Founder of Facebook- Mark Zuckerburg

30) Newest Nuclear Reactor in India? Tarapur Atomic Power Plant-1

31) Percentage of Forests in Country? 21.67 percent

32) Swarnim Chaturbhuj Yojana is related to?

33) NASA was founded in which year? 1958

34) Form of Dance in Andhra Pradesh?

35)  SI Unit of Force? Newton

36)  ISRO was founded in which year? 1969

37)  Highest Literacy rate is of which state? Kerala

38)  Congress Adhiveshan was held in? 28–31 December 1885

39)  Olympic 2021 to be held in- Tokyo

General Awareness Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December 2020 PDF: 1st Shift

  1. Who received the first Bharat Ratna in India?
  2. Congress’s first session was conducted on?
  3. Who is the head of the finance commission?
  4. In how many years taj mahal construction was completed?
  5. Sl unit of force
  6. 2019 cleanest city is?
  7. In total how many areas Nobel prizes are given
  8. Founder of Facebook?
  9. Which state has the highest literacy rate?
  10. How many countries as VETO power
  11. Question on SARC members was asked
  12. What percentage is the forest in India?
  13. When was the Aryabhatt satellite was launched?
  14. Question on fundamental rights was asked
  15. How many seats are there in Rajya Sabha?
  16. When was beti bachao beti adhai andolan was formed?
  17. When was NASA was formed?
  18. Bharat Ratna is given in how many categories

Mathematics Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 30 December 2020 PDF:

  • If an item is sold at 10% loss then it is sold at Rs 45000, at what price the item must be sold to get a profit of 15%?
  • If A completes a work in 40 days and B completes a work in 60 days, after some days B left the work then A completes the rest work in 10 days, For how many days B completes the work?
  • A cuboid is given with length, breadth and height is 18, 21, and 27, how many cubes 3 cm side will be carved?
  • Two speeds 7k km/hr and 50km/hr are given to find the average speed?
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