Railway Exam GK Quiz (Science – Physics)

Railway Exam GK Quiz (Science – Physics) Set-11:
Dear Readers, Here we have given GK Quiz from Science-Physics Questions for Railway Exam 2016. Candidates those who are all preparing for these exams can use this material.

1).The relation amongst velocity (v) frequency (n) and wave length (ƛ) is
a)  V =ƛ/n
b)  V = 1/nƛ
c)  V= nƛ
d)  V=n/ƛ

2).Screw gauge is an instrument to measure the. Dimensions of very small objects upto……….
a)  0.1 cm
b)  0.0×1 cm
c)  0.1 mm
d)  0.01 mm

3).In a screw gauge if zero of the head scale lies below the pitch scale axis, the zero error is ……………..
a)  Positive
b)  negative
c)  nil
d)  none of these

4).Screw gauge is used to measure the diameter of …………….
a)  Crow bar
b)  Thin wire
c)  Cricket ball
d)  None of these

5).One light year is equal to …………..
a)  365.25 × 24 × 60 × 60 × 3 × 108m
b)  1 × 24 × 60 × 60 × 3 × 108m
c)  360 × 24 × 60 × 60 × 3 × 108m
d)  None of these

6).One astronomical unit is the distance between the centre of the earth and …………………
a)  Centre of the Moon
b)  Centre of the Sun
c)  Centre of the Mars
d)  None of these

7).The lease count of an ordinary scale is
a)  1 mm
b)  1 cm
c)  0.1 mm
d)  0.01 mm

8).A screw gauge works on the principle of
a)  pulley
b)  screw
c)  inclined plane
d)  lever

9).The smallest length that can be measured accurately using an instrument is called
a)  Pitch of the screw
b)  Least count
c)  millimetre
d)  centimetre

10).Which one is used for measuring the thickness of glass plate?
a)  Vernier callipers
b)  Screw Scale
c)  Scale
d)  Vernier scale

1).d ) 2).d ) 3).a ) 4).b ) 5).a ) 6).b ) 7).a ) 8).b ) 9).b ) 10).b )
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