How to prepare Reasoning for Bank Exams?

In this article, we shall see the best preparation strategy a candidate should follow to be an expert in the reasoning section. Almost all the competitive exams contain the Reasoning section. This section helps in analyzing the thinking and analytical ability and decision-making power and Reasoning for Bank Exams for a candidate.

This section may turn out to be very time taking if the candidate is not entirely aware of the type of questions in Reasoning for Bank Exams.

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Generally, Reasoning for Bank Exams are divided into two types:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Non-verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning includes topics like alphabetical and numerical series, blood relations, directional analysis, coding-decoding, etc., while non-verbal reasoning questions include some series of graphical representations.

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How to complete the Reasoning Section in the Given time?

  • Never target to attempt all the questions asked. This will lose your accuracy and make you feel puzzled. Prefer to practice from Reasoning Best book for the bank exam.
  • Pick the right question. Your ability to read the question and grasp the required information should be efficient. You should know which question to be solved and which one can be skipped for later.
  • Do the easy questions first. But do not waste much time finding the same. As only one question display on-screen at one time.
  • Do not feel panic. Be very calm and easy. Do not get nervous this will make it hard for you to solve even the easier question.
  • Keep a check on the time. While practicing Reasoning Topics for PO Exam always pay attention to time management.
  • Try to grasp Reasoning tricks to solve the questions within seconds. This will help you save time.
  • Take the section-wise test. Taking the Reasoning test will help you analyze your performance and a chance to work on your weak points.

Tips to score Marks In Reasoning Section for PO Exam 

  • As puzzles carry the highest weightage practice different numbers of puzzles and seating arrangements for the Reasoning section in IBPS PO. Make a habit of giving a Reasoning test.
  • Questions from other topics like blood relation and direction can also be asked in the form of a puzzle. Do not ignore any of the kind. This will make you lose marks in the Reasoning section for IBPS PO.
  • An important tip to solve difficult puzzles with 100% accuracy is to make 2-3 possibilities for the same puzzle and keep canceling them out as you proceed. Another important point to bear in mind while doing puzzles is not to ignore the important key points while reading the question.
  • If you are good at grasping the information and reading, go for puzzles first in the exam. As if you manage to solve a single puzzle it will fetch you at least 5 marks depending on the number of questions that are being asked based on that puzzle.
  • If you are good at miscellaneous topics or Verbal reasoning go for them. This will help you secure marks for yourself.
  • Do not waste too much of your time on a single question. If you can not solve it within seconds, skip it for later.

Aspirants can also solve mock test series by Guidely  to score well in the bank exams and also understand the standard of questions asked in the exam:

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The reasoning for Bank Exams:

The reasoning section is tricky and the pattern followed in this section is getting complex with every exam passed. Earlier, students use to practice only easy puzzles and they use to ignore the complex ones but now according to the recent trend, the question on the topics like blood relation, directions are being asked in the form of tricky puzzles but now to their dismay this strategy of students is not going to work. The number of questions asked in the exam carries 60-70% weightage in the form of the puzzle only. The other important topics to be prepared for IBPS reasoning are Syllogism, Logical Reasoning, Inequality, Data Sufficiency, Blood Relation, Direction and Distance, Ranking, Alpha-Numerical, Direction Sense, Blood Relations, etc. The only way to ace the scores in the section is strenuous practice.

Topic-Wise Questions

Blood Relation
Number Sequence
Seating Arrangement
Linear Seating Arrangement
Circular Seating Arrangement
Alpha Numeric Series
Data Sufficiency
Decision Making
Input and Output
Logical Series
Statement & Assumption
Reasoning Tips
Reasoning Tricks
Direction Sense

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Practice makes a man perfect. Practice more mock tests in all the topics and solve the questions in a short span of time. If you practice regularly, then you will be comfortable with all the reasoning questions and you can understand the type of questions to choose during the examination. Practice more and ACE in the reasoning section with our mock tests and PDFs.

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