Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) for AAO and upcoming Exams 2016

Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) for AAO and upcoming Exams 2016 Set-50:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for Upcoming AAO Exams was given here with Explanations. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Directions (Q.1-5): Read the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
A banking institute organized mock test for different subjects – Maths, English, Reasoning, GS, Computer and Marketing – on six days of a week, not necessarily in the same order. The exams start from Monday with a holiday on any day of the week. One full day is devoted to one exam.
The exam of Maths is scheduled immediately after the exam of English. The exam of GS is scheduled on Wednesday but not after the exam of Marketing. The exam of Reasoning is scheduled on Friday. There is only one exam between the exams of computer and maths. There is only one day when no paper is scheduled but that is not Saturday. The exam of Marketing is scheduled just before the holiday.
1).How many exams are scheduled between the exams of Reasoning and Marketing?
a)  None
b)  Four
c)  Three
d)  Two
e)  One
2).Which day is a holiday?
a)  Friday
b)  Tuesday
c)  Saturday
d)  Sunday
e)  Thursday
3).On which of the following days is the exam of Maths scheduled?
a)  Friday
b)  Tuesday
c)  Wednesday
d)  Monday
e)  None of these
4).Which of the following combinations is correct?
a)  Monday – Computer
b)  Friday – Maths
c)  Saturday – Reasoning
d)  Tuesday – English
e)  Wednesday – GS
5).Which two exams are scheduled on the second and fifth day respectively?
a)  Marketing, GS
b)  Computer, Maths
c)  Reasoning, English
d)  Maths, Reasoning
e)  None of these
Directions (6-9): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions based on it.
A family consists of six members – Pratima, Omprakash, Rajesh, Shailesh, Tina and Urmila.
The family consists of three couples, four pairs of brother and sister, one pair of brothers and one pair of sisters.
Urmila is not the sister of Pratima or Omprakash. Shailesh is not married to either Urmila or Tina. Urmila’s husband is neither Omprakash nor Shailesh. Rajesh is the brother of both Omprakash and Pratima.
6).Who is Shailesh’s wife?
a)  Urmila
b)  Tina
c)  Pratima
d)  Either Pratima or Tina
e)  None of these
7).Which of the following is not a pair of brother and sister?
a)  Tina and Shailesh
b)  Pratima and Rajesh
c)  Tina and Rajesh
d)  Pratima and Omprakash
e)  Urmila and Shailesh
8).Which of the following is a pair of husband and wife?
a)  Rajesh and Urmila
b)  Omprakash and Pratima
c)  Rajesh and Tina
d)  Shailesh and Tina
e)  None of these
9).Which of the following statements is false?
a)  Pratima is not Shailesh’s sister
b)  Pratima is Urmila’s sister-in-law
c)  Rajesh has the same relation with Tina as Shailesh has with Urmila
d)  Rajesh is Urmila’s husband
e)  None of these
1). a)  2). d)  3). b)  4). e)  5).d)   6). c)  7). c)  8). a)  9). c)
Question (1-5):
1. Answer: a)
2. Answer: d)
3. Answer: b)
4. Answer: e)
5. Answer: d)
Questions (6-9):
Rajesh (+)_____Omprakash (+) ______Pratima(-)
Urmila (-) ______ Tina (-) ___________ Shailesh (+)
Three couples are:
1. Urmila and Rajesh;
2. Tina and Omprakash; and
3. Pratima and Shailesh
One pair of sisters:Urmila and Tina
One pair of brothers:Rajesh and Omprakash
Four pairs of brother and sister:
1. Pratima and Rajesh
2. Pratima and Omprakash
3. Tina and Shailesh
4. Urmila and Shailesh
6. Answer: c)
7. Answer: c)
8. Answer: a)
9. Answer: c)
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