Reasoning Shortcut Tricks & Scoring Part Questions (Day-114)

Reasoning Shortcut Tricks & Scoring Part Questions (Day-114):

Dear Readers, Nowadays most of the aspirants are facing huge trouble to increase the overall marks. To score high you need to practice more and more standard questions daily. “Practice does not make perfect, Only Perfect Practice makes perfect”.

Here in Scoring Part we are providing 15 Questions in Puzzles, Sitting Arrangements, 5 Questions in (Inequality, Coding, Alphanumeric, and Syllogism), and total 20 questions in 20 Minutes. By practising these questions regularly you can increase you calculation speed and it will help you to increase you score.

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Directions (Q.1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: 
Each of the eight persons M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T belongs to three different cities-Goa, Bangalore and Chennai. They are working in three different companies Samsung, Sony and Lenovo. Atleast two persons work in a company and the persons working in the same company belongs to the same city. There are three females among them-one in each company. P is working neither in M’s company nor in Q’s company. N is a male and only works with O and they are not from Goa. R is working in Lenovo and is from Chennai. T and R are sisters. T is working in Sony. S and P are working in the same company. Q is not from Goa.

  1. Who among the followings working in Sony?
  1.  T, P, N
  2.  N, O
  3.  T, P, S
  4.  R, Q, P
  5.  Q, M
  1. The persons whom belong to Bangalore work in which of the following company?
  1.  Samsung
  2.  Sony
  3.  Lenovo
  4.  Either Samsung or Sony
  5.  Either Sony or Lenovo
  1. Find the odd one out?
  1.  N
  2.  P
  3.  S
  4.  R
  5.  M
  1. P belongs to which of the following city?
  1.  Bangalore
  2.  Goa
  3.  Chennai
  4.  Either Goa or Chennai
  5.  Either Bangalore or Goa
  1. Which of the following combination is correct?
  1.  N-Samsung-Goa
  2.  T-Sony-Chennai
  3.  S-Sony-Bangalore
  4.  O-Samsung-Bangalore
  5.  Q-Sony-Goa

Directions (Q. 6-10): In each question below are two statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conditions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts and give answer

  1. if only conclusion I follows.
  2. if only conclusion II follows.
  3. if either conclusion I or II follows.
  4. if neither conclusion I nor II follows.
  5. if both conclusions I and II follow.
  1. Statements: Some trees are bushes.

All flowers are bushes.

Conclusions: I.At least some bushes are trees.

II.At least some flowers are trees.

  1. Statements: All colours are paints.

No paint is a brush.

Conclusions: I.At least some brushes are colours.

II.No brush is a colour.

  1. Statements: Some chemicals are organics.

All organics are fertilisers.

Conclusions: I.At least some fertilizers are chemicals.

II.All fertilizers are organics.

  1. Statements: No air is solid.

Some solids are liquids.

Conclusions: I.No liquid is air.

II.Some air is definitely not liquid.

  1. Statements: All gems are diamonds.

All diamonds are rocks.

Conclusions: I.At least some rocks are gems.

II.All gems are rocks. 

Directions (Q.11-15): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

 Eight friends P, Q, R, S, T,U, V and W went to a restaurant. They are seated around a square table facing the centre. Four of them are seated at the corners and rest 4 are seated on the 4 sides. They ordered beverages tea, coffee or juice. Each ordered a single beverage and no 2 persons seated together ordered the same beverage.

  • R is seated opposite to Q’s neighbour who drank coffee
  • Q is 3rd to the right of P who drank juice
  • P’s neighbours ordered the same beverage
  • W is seated at one of the sides and is seated opposite to P
  • V drank tea and the person seated opposite to him drank juice
  • Only one of the neighbours of T ordered tea
  • U did not order tea and one of his neighbour ordered juice
  • R’s neighbours ordered tea and juice
  • V and U did not sit together.
  1. Four of the following bear a similar relationship and hence form a group, which of the following is not a part of that group?
  1.  Q
  2.  V
  3.  R
  4.  S
  5.  T
  1. Who among the following ordered coffee?
  1.  Q, R
  2.  R, S
  3.  S, W
  4.  U, R
  5.  U, T
  1. What beverages did U’s neighbours order?
  1.  Tea, Tea
  2.  Tea, juice
  3.  Juice, Coffee
  4.  Coffee, coffee
  5.  Juice, juice
  1. Who among the following is seated opposite to S?
  1.  Q
  2.  R
  3.  T
  4.  U
  5.  V
  1. What is the position of V with respect to the one seated opposite to U?
  1.  Immediate left
  2.  Immediate right
  3.  Second to the left
  4.  Second to the right
  5.  Third to the right

Directions (Q.16-20): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Eight employees A, G, L, N, P, Q, R and S worked in different banks, viz BOB, BOI Dena Bank, UBI, OBC, Indian Bank, Corporation Bank and UCO Bank but not necessarily in the same order. There are five male the three female in this group. They live in Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad but not necessarily in the same order. No male live in Ranchi and Kanpur.

P works in Indian Bank from Ghaziabad. The one who worked in Corporation Bank is neither from Noida nor from Kanpur. G works in OBC and his sister L works in Dena Bank from Jaipur. The one who lives in Delhi works in BOB. The one who live in Noida is not a female. N works in UBI and her friend works in BOB. Q is from Gurgaon and does not work either in Corporation Bank or UCO Bank. The one who works in UCO Bank lives neither in Patna nor in Noida. S lives in Kanpur. A does not live in Patna.

16.Which of the following groups is a group of female ?

  1. G, N, L
  2. N, Q, S
  3. L, N, S
  4. P, Q, R
  5. None of these

17.Who among the following live in Ranchi?

  1. P
  2. N
  3. S
  4. L
  5. None of these

18.Which of the following combinations is true?

  1. A – UBI – Ranchi
  2. R – Corporation Bank – Noida
  3. L – UCO Bank – Jaipur
  4. G – OBC – Noida
  5. None of these

19.Who among the following work in BOB?

  1. A
  2. S
  3. N
  4. Q
  5. None of these

20.G belongs to which of the following cities?

  1. Delhi
  2. Ranchi
  3. Noida
  4. Gurgaon
  5. None of these

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