RRB ALP 2018 Practice Test Papers | Reasoning Questions (Day-55)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates those who are preparing for RRB ALP 2018 can practice these Reasoning Questions to get more confidence to Crack RRB 2018 Examination.

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  1. Find the missing number

226, 257, 290, 325, 362, ?

  1. 400
  2. 420
  3. 401
  4. 430

2). Statement

All rose are jasmine

Some jasmine is hibiscus

No hibiscus is lily

Some lily is rose


No hibiscus is Rose

Some rose is Hibiscus

Only I follows

Only II follows

Either I or II follows

None follows

3). Statements and Conclusions


Heart transplantation has always been in the public eye right from the time Christian Barnard performed the first successful human heart transplant in 1967, in Cape Town, Africa.


Heart transplantation becomes very common to all countries now a day.

To receiving cardiac transplants from deceased donors is increased.

Only I follows

Only II follows

Both follows

None follows

4). In certain code, BOOK is coded as RHEL, How NOTE is coded as?





  1. Statement



O < B

Only I follows

Only II follows

Both follows

None follows

Direction (6-7)Read the instruction and answers the question

Some fruits are arranged in the way of top to bottom in the boxes sorted in 5 boxes. Mango is immediate neighbor of both Apple and orange. Orange is placed in neither top nor bottom. Grape is placed one of the floor above orange not immediate. Pineapple is below the immediate orange box.

6). How many fruits are placed above the Orange box?





7). Which of the following statement is correct according to Mango?

Mango is placed below the Pineapple

Apple is below the Mango

Mango is placed top most box

Mango is in Middle box

8). S is daughter of A. A is Mother of V. V is son of K. R is brother of A. Then how V is related to R?





9). Find the correct dictionary Order of given words

(i). Decibel

(ii) Describe

(iii) Deduction

(iv) Duration

(ii), (i), (iii), (vi)

(vi), (ii), (i), (iii)

(i), (iii), (ii), (iv)

(vi), (i), (ii), (iii)

10). Find the meaningful order of given words

(i). water Vapour

(ii) Sea water

(iii) Rain

(iv) Cloud

(ii), (i), (iv), (iii)

(vi), (ii), (i), (iii)

(i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

(vi), (i), (ii), (iii)


1). Answer: C

152 + 1 = 225 +1 = 226

162+ 1 = 256 +1 = 257

172 + 1 = 289+1 = 290

182 +1 = 324 +1 = 325

192 + 1 = 361 +1 = 362

202 + 1 = 400 + 1 = 401

2). Answer:  C

3). Answer: D

4). Answer: B

5). Answer: A

6). Answer: C

7). Answer: D

8). Answer: C

9). Answer: C

Correct Order is Decibel > Deduction > Describe > Duration

10). Answer: A

Sea Water > Water Vapour > Cloud > Rain

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