RRB Clerk Mains Reasoning Ability Questions 2021 (Day-02)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of Reasoning Questions for RRB Clerk Mains 2020 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Input output

Direction (1-5): Study the information given below and answer the questions carefully.

A number arrangement machine arranges two-digit numbers into a typical manner. Each step gives output taking input from the previous step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement. Using the illustration answer the question given below.

1) What will be the step II from the above input if the first value is divided by the second value in each box?

A.1/3, 1/2

B.2, 2

C.1/2, 1/2

D.4, 2

E.3, 4

2) What will be the final resultant in the given input?






3) Which of the following will be the Step II, if 2 is added to each odd digit and 2 is subtracted from each even digits?

A.54, 54

B.32, 46

C.56, 56

D.32, 47

E.28, 56

4) What will be the result if 10 is added to the final output of the given input?






5) What will be the Step III in the above-given input?

A.2, 4

B.6, 2

C.-3, -3

D.-3, 4

E.-2, -1

Critical reasoning

6) Statement: World Bank doubles funding to $200 billion to tackle climate change, sending an important signal to the wider global community to do the same.

Which of the following can be assumed from the given statement?


I). Climate change is one of the greatest environmental threat humanity has ever faced and it is harming people and ecosystems around the globe.

II). The issue of climate change requires more attention than poverty, corruption and financial crisis, which in turn require more funds.

A. Only II

B. Either I or II

C. Only I

D. Neither I nor II

E. Both I and II

Coding decoding

Direction (7-10): Study the following information carefully and answers the questions given below:

In a certain code language,

‘Winter happy feeling’ is coded as ‘ I13% [email protected] O22# ’

‘Summer heat mountain’ is coded as ‘ I14% A26% U6& ’

‘Raining queueing clown’ is coded as ‘ O18# U22$ [email protected] ‘

7) What is the code for ‘Maximize’ in the given code language?





E.None of these

8) What may be the possible code for ‘Veracity’ in the given code language?





E.None of these

9) What may be the possible code for ‘Naval army’ in the given code language?

A.E14% A13&

B.E5% [email protected]

C.O5% [email protected]

D[email protected] I13$

E.None of these

10) What is the code for ‘College days’ in the given code language?

A.I12% [email protected]

B[email protected] A2&

C.O15# [email protected]

D.A2# O15$

E.None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: C

2) Answer: D

3) Answer: A

4) Answer: C

5) Answer: C

6) Answer: C

Statement I can be assumed from the given statement as the reason behind the increase in funding can be the alarming challenge of climate change which requires more focus and fund to deal with it. Statement II can’t be assumed from the given statement as we can’t compare the problem of climate change with other global issues.

Directions (7-10) :

Symbols: Symbols in the code are used according to the number of vowels present in the word i.e.

1 vowel- @

2 Vowels – %

3 Vowels – #

4 vowels -&

5 vowels -$

Vowels: Vowels in the code are used according to the number of letters in the word

4 letters- A

5 letters- E

6 letters- I

7 letters- O

8 letters- U

Number: Numbers in the code are used according to place value of the reverse letter of the 3rd letter of the word.

7) Answer: D

8) Answer: A

9) Answer: B

10) Answer: C

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