RRB Clerk Mains Reasoning (Day-05)

Reasoning Materials for RRB Clerk Prelims:

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of Reasoning Questions for RRB Clerk Mains 2020 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Direction sense

Direction (1-3): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Rinku, who is standing 5m east of point B, walks 4m towards south to reach point E. He again takes a right turn and walks 23m to reach point D. He again takes a right turn from point D and stops at point G after walking 10m.

Point N is 12m to the south of point B. Point T is 18m to the west of point N. Point M is 12m north of point C.

Raghu, who is standing 10m south-west of point D, walks 18m towards south to reach point H. He again takes a left turn of 24m to reach point C. Raghu is standing west of Point T.

1) What is the position of N with respect to point M?

A) 8m, North-East

B) 6m, North

C) 10m, South-West

D) 8m, North-West

E) None of these

2) What is the position of point G with respect to Rinku?

A) North

B) North-East

C) South-West

D) West

E) None of these

3) What is the shortest distance between point G and point N?

A) 18√2m

B) 21m

C) 24m

D) 16√2 m

E) None of these

Coded Blood relation

Direction (4-7): Study the following information carefully and answer the below questions

A#B- A is father of B

A$B- A is daughter of B

A&B- A is son of B

[email protected] A is brother of B

A+B-A is mother of B

A^B-A is sister of B

A*B-A and B are married couple

P#K; D&L; [email protected]M&K; K*DK^Y; L+X; X^D

4) How is P related to M?

A) Grand Father

B) Grand mother

C) Son

D) Sister

E) Mother

5) Which of the following Represent “K is Sister-in-law of X “?

A) K*[email protected]

B) D*[email protected]

C) [email protected]*K

D) X#D*K

E) None of the above

6) If Z#X, then How is Z related to K?

A) Father

B) Grand mother

C) Son

D) Mother-in-law

E) Father-in-law

7) Who among the following is the maternal grandmother of M?

A) P

B) L

C) Y

D) K

E) Can’t be determined

Alphabet with number series

Direction (8-10): There are five 4-digit numbers preceded by 4-letter word as given below. Answer the following questions based on these numbers.

FELT 4137, MART 6214, TAKE 5217, CREW 8316, TIME 3184

8) If ‘S’ is added before each 4-letter word then, how many meaningful new words can be formed?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 1

D) More than three

E) None

9) If all the numbers within the 4-digit numbers are rearranged in ascending order from left to right, then how many letters are there between 2nd letter from right end of the words followed by lowest and second highest number after rearrangement according to alphabetical order?

A) 4

B) 7

C) 5

D) 8

E) None of these

10) If 1st and 3rd & 2nd and 4th digits within the 4-digits numbers are interchanged then which of the following number yields second lowest number?

A) 3184

B) 5217

C) 4137

D)  8316

E) 6214

Answers :

Directions (1-3):

1) Answer: B

2) Answer: E

3) Answer: A

Directions (4-7):

4) Answer: A

5) Answer: A

6) Answer: E

7) Answer: E

Directions (8-10):

8) Answer: B

Clearly, only three meaningful words can be formed -> SMART, STAKE & SCREW.

9) Answer: A

Word preceded by lowest number = MART

Word preceded by second highest number = TIME

Clearly, number of letters between ‘M’ & ‘R’ = Four

10) Answer: D

FELT 3741, MART 1462, TAKE 1752, CREW 1683, TIME 8431

Thus, “8316” yields second lowest number.

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