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RRB GK Essentials- Father of Various Branches of Science Download in PDF

RRB GK Essentials- Father of Various Branches of Science Download in PDF:

Dear Readers, here we have given the list of important fathers of various branches of Science, candidates those who are preparing for upcoming Railways/SSC exams can also download in PDF.

Dr. M. S Swaminathan
Father of Green Revolution in India
Dr. V. Kurien
Father of white Revolution
Norman Earnest Borlaug
Father of Green Revolution in the world
Father of Biology
Father of Zoology
Father of Botany
Thomas Addison
Father of Endocrinology
Father of Modern Botany
Father of Bacteriology
Edward Jenner
Father of Immunology
Father of Evolutionary Ideas
G. J. Mendel
Father of Genetics
T. H. Morgan
Father of Modern Genetics
Louis Pasteur
Father of Microbiology
Robert Hooke
Father of Cytology
Father of Mycology
Stephen Hales
Father of Plant Physiology
Birbal Sahani
Father of Indian Paleobotany
R. Mishra
Father of Indian Ecology
Francis Galton
Father of Eugenics
Hugo De Vries
Father of Mutation
William Harvey
Father of blood circulation
Karl Landsteiner
Father of blood Groups
Carolus Linnaeus
Father of Taxonomy
H. J. Muller
Father of Radiation Genetics
Father of Medicine
Leonardo da Vinci
Father of Paleontology
Marcello Malpighi
Father of Microscopy
Paul Berg
Father of Genetic Engineering
O. P. Iyengar
Father of Indian Phycology-(study of algae)
Father of Gene Therapy
Father of Polygenic Inheritance
Father of Palynology

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