RRB TC Salary: Ticket Collector Salary Details and Allowances

RRB TC Salary: TC (Ticket Collectors) also known as TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) are the employees of the Indian Railways. Ticket Examiner is posted on the platforms whereas the TTE is posted in the passenger trains. Indian Railways has one of the largest workforces in the world with almost 12 lakh employees working under it.


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Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) releases the notification for the recruitment of TC or TTE from time to time.  The job role of a Ticket Collector is to travel along with the train and check the ticket of the passengers travelling in the train. They are also deployed on platforms of the Railway Station. The TC has also the authority to penalize the passengers who travel without any valid ticket.  The pay scale of the RRB TC is decided by the central government as all the employees of the Indian Railways come under Central Government.


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In this article, we will discuss the RRB TC salary details, RRB TC salary in hand, RRB TC salary per month and RRB TC complete salary structure and various other allowances that RRB TC gets.

RRB TC Job Profile

  • The TC needs to check whether the passenger has Ticket for travelling or not.
  • If the passenger tickets are invalid he has the authority to fine the passenger.
  • He can be posted on the platforms to ensure people are travelling by valid train tickets and platform tickets

RRB TC Salary Structure

The TC in the Indian Railways has a very good pay scale and they are also given some additional allowances which increase their salary further. Below is the detailed salary structure of an RRB TC/TTE.

Particulars X Class City Y Class City Z Class City
Basic Pay 21,700 21,700 21,700
D.A. (Dearness Allowance) 3,689 3,689 3,689
HRA 5,400 3,600 1,800
Transport Allowance 4,212 2,106 2,106
Total 35,001 31,095 29,295

RRB TC Salary: HRA Calculation

X Class city:

  • HRA or House Rental Allowance depends on the city the employee is posted in. 
  • HRA of an X class city employee is 24% of the basic pay. 
  • i.e. 21700 * 24% = Rs.5,208/-
  • However, the minimum HRA rate in an X class city is Rs. 5,400/-

Y Class City:

  • Employees posted in Y class city has a different House Rental Allowance.
  • HRA of a Y class city employee is 16% of the basic pay.
  • i.e. 21,700 * 16% = Rs.3,472/-
  • However, the minimum HRA rate in a Y class city is Rs. 3,600/-

Z Class City:

  • Employees posted in Z class cities which are mostly villages will get fewer allowance than X and Y class employees.
  • HRA of Z class city employee is 8% of the basic pay.
  • i.e. 21,700 * 8% = Rs.1,736/-
  • However, the minimum HRA rate in a Z class city is Rs. 1,800/-


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Other Allowances in RRB TC Salary

Travelling Allowances Rs. 500/- per day
Night Duty Allowance (10 P.M. – 6 A.M.) Rs. 127/- per unit (1 unit = 6 hours)
National Holiday Allowance Rs. 477/- per day

RRB TC Salary: Annual Allowances

Dress Allowance Rs.5,000/-
Children Education Allowance Rs. 27,000/- per child
Hostel Subsidy  Rs. 81,000/- per child
Diwali Bonus Rs. 17,951/-

Deductions from RRB TC Salary

New Pension Scheme 10% of (Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance)

i.e. (21,700+3,689) * 10% = Rs. 2,539/-

Railway Employees Insurance Scheme Rs. 30/- per month
Employees Union, Majdoor Union Varies for different Zones
Professional Tax Depends on State 


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RRB TC In-Hand Salary

The RRB TC in hand Salary ranges from Rs.3,600/- to 45,000/- depending on whether he/she is posted in a train or on the platform.

Other Perks and Benefits

  • Gratuity at the time of retirement
  • Free/Discounted railway travel for employee and dependents
  • Pension after retirement to the employee and after employee’s death to dependent
  • Railway Quarters
  • All medical expenses of the employee and dependents

RRB TC Promotion

Below is the career path of an RRB TC starting from TE/TTE up to CTI

  1. TE/TTE (Ticket Examiner/Travelling Ticket Examiner)
  2. Sr.TE/Sr.TTE (Senior Ticket Examiner/Senior Travelling Ticket Examiner)
  3. TTI (Travelling Ticket Inspector)
  4. CTI (Chief Ticket Inspector)


Q1. What is the job role of TC/TTE?

Ans. The job role of a TC/TTE is to verify the tickets of the passengers travelling with the Indian Railways.


Q2. What is the Basic Pay of a TC/TTE?

Ans. The Basic Pay of TC/TTE is Rs. 21700/-


Q3. What is the House Rental Allowance of a TC/TTE?

Ans. HRA depends on the place of posting of the employee. It is 24% in X class city, 16% in Y class city, 8% in Z class city.


Q4. What is the transport allowance of a TC/TTE?

Ans. The transport allowance is 4212 in a metropolitan city whereas it is 2106 in other cities.


Q5. What is a National Holiday allowance?

Ans. If a TTE travels during a national holiday then he is given a certain allowance named National Holiday Allowance.

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