SBI Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Ranking) Based on Exam Pattern

SBI Clerk 2016- Practice Reasoning Questions (Ranking) Set-48:

Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this practice questions.

1).In a row of 25 children, Nayan is 14th from the right end. Arun is 3rdto the left of Nayan in the row. What is Arun’s position from the left end of the row?
a)  8th
b)  9th
c)  7th
d)  10th
e)  None of these
2).A class of girls stands in a single line. One girl is 19th in order from both the ends. How many girls are there in the class?
a)  27
b)  37
c)  38
d)  39
e)  None of these
3).Surbhi ranks 18th in a class of 49 students. What is her rank from the last?
a)  31
b)  28
c)  35
d)  32
e)  None of these
4).There are 35 students in a class. Suman ranks third among the girls in the class. Amit ranks 5th among the boys in the class. Suman is one rank below Amit in the class. No, two students hold the same rank in the class. What is Amit’s rank in the class?
a)  7th
b)  5th
c)  8th
d)  Cannot be determined
e)  None of these
5).In a row of children facing North, Ritesh is 12th from the left end. Sudhir, who is 22nd from the right end is 4th to the right of Ritesh. Total how many children are there in the row?
a)  35
b)  36
c)  37
d)  34
e)  None of these
6).In a class of 45 students, a boy is ranked 20th. When two boys joined, his rank was dropped by one. What is his new rank from the end?
a)  25th
b)  26th
c)  27th
d)  28th
e)  None of these
7).Sohan ranks 7th from the top and 26th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?
a)  31
b)  32
c)  33
d)  34
e)  None of these
8).There are 25 boys in a horizontal row. Rahul was shifted by three places towards his right side and he occupies the middle position in the row. What was his original position from the left end of the row?
a)  15th
b)  16th
c)  12th
d)  10th
e)  None of these
9).In a row of letters, a letter is 5th from left end and 12thfrom the right end. How many letters are there in a row?
a)  15
b)  16
c)  17
d)  18
e)  None of these
10).Sunita is the 11th from either end of a row of girls. How many girls are there in that row?
a)  19
b)  20
c)  21
d)  22
e)  None of these

1). b) 2). b) 3). d) 4). a) 5). c) 6). c) 7). b) 8). d) 9). b) 10). c)
1).Nayan’s position from left = (25 + 1 – 14) = 12th
Arun’s position = (12 – 3) = 9th from left
Answer: b)
2).Clearly, the girl at the 19th position is exactly in the middle of both the ends
Total number of girls = (18 + 1 + 18) = 37
Answer: b)
3).Surbhi’s rank from last = (49 + 1 – 18) = 32
Answer: d)
4).Suman ranks 3rd in the class among the girls,
Amit ranks 5th among the boys.
Suman comes one rank after Amit in the class
It means two girls and four boys rank higher than Amit in the class
So, Amit ranks 7th in the class.
Answer: a)
5).Sudhir’s position from left = (12 + 4) = 16th from left
Clearly, there are three students between Ritesh  and Sudhir.
Total number of children = (12 + 3 + 22) = 37
Answer: c)
6).Total number of boys after 2 new boys joined = 47
Since, the rank of the boy dropped by 1, it became 21st 20th
His new rank from the end = 47 – 21 + 1 = 27th
Answer: c)
7).Total students in the class = 7 + 26 – 1 = 33 – 1 = 32
Answer: b)
8).When Rahul was shifted by three places towards his right side, then he occupies the middle position i.e., 13th position
Thus, his original position from the left end of the row = 13 – 3 = 10th
Answer: d)
9).Number of letters in the row = 5 + 12 – 1 = 16
Answer: b)
10).Total number of girls = 11 + 11 – 1 = 22 – 1 = 21


Answer: c)
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