SBI PO English Preparation 2019 (Day-36)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of English Language Questions for SBI PO Mains 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10): Fill in the blanks in such a way that the options should fulfil all the three blanks.

1) Allegorical poems are written in a form of _________ and answers. A pilgrim is asking questions about a journey he is making and the _______________ he wishes to reach. The answers often come from a _____________ source.

a) Questions, destination, divine

b) Questionnaires, dissemination, divinity

c) Quest, discrimination, implied

d) Repetition, spot, inner

e) Questionable, designation, spring

2) From the view point of the ___________ of his subject, I must say that he has maintained ______________ which is the outcome of his observation of his _____________ system.

a) Tone, balance, biological

b) Treatment objectivity, education

c) Content, optimism, value

d) Treat, objectified, educate

e) Matter, subjectivity, nervous

3) _________________ should cover all useful fields of equipment. There should be no ____________ in time and should not contain educational tools which are futile and _______________.

a) Study, restrict, error

b) Educational, crunch, fruitful

c) Education, limitations, erroneous

d) Teachings, restriction, error

e) Methods, impact, problematic

4) Nothing is more _______________ than the lives of those we love and __________________. But what’s more interesting to know is about their hopes and fears, ____________ thoughts and feelings.

a) Attracted, hate, habitat

b) Attractive, admire, habits

c) Attraction, admirable, habituated

d) Engaging, admonition, basic

e) Discouraging, detest, baseless

5) The man said, “I will fight him on ________________ and not on a personal level. It is important that I win with love and not __________________. I tell my men to behave in a proper manner and not use harsh words but when things go _____________ of hand, I have to take action.”

a) Battleground, hate, beyond

b) Ground, quarrel, slipping

c) Personalized, hatred, way

d) Issues, hatred, out

e) Problems, hateful, worth

6) For a city-dweller, who has not been out in the ________________ ever, it is an extremely ______________ experience to roam about in the fields and meadows under clear blue skies. Having roamed there for a long time now, he did not feel ________________.

a) Streets, severe, happy

b) Suburbs, relaxed, unhappy

c) Sun, breath-taking, rejuvenated

d) Countryside, pleasant, tired

e) Country, alluring, exhausting

7) Who cannot but ______________ with the poor man when he cries out for food? It is a cry which ___________________ a chord. The cry is of ____________ and insecurity.

a) Sympathize, strikes, helplessness

b) Empathize, struck, helpful

c) Sympathy, stroke, helpless

d) Sympathetic, extinguish, love

e) Hostile, strings, indifference

8) “The Prime Minister is _____________ up issues on terror attacks to hide his government’s failures on economic front, employment generation and ____________ distress in the country”, Abdullah told reporters after an election rally in the militant infested ______________.

a) Reeking, farm, constitution

b) Raking, agrarian, constituency

c) Collect, pastoral, district

d) Gather, agricultural, constituent

e) Bring up, farming, constitution

9) The former partner was also a co-owner who acquired ______________ assets when the UPA government was in power. The media claimed that he had a large ____________ of stake in the company. He signed a contract with the firm for critical parts of the missile and ______________.

a) Defend, percentage, submarine

b) Defined, percentile, ammine

c) Defence, percentage, submarine

d) Interdependence, per cent, torpedo

e) Present, share, maritime

10) The _______________ socio-economic problem is the problem of the haves and the have-nots and also those who belong in between.  The author therefore equates between the idle rich and those who do not have anything to lose. Both the classes belong to two extreme ______________ of society. His arguments on this have _____________ the test of time.

a) Temporary, stratum, withstand

b) Perennial, strata, withstood

c) Post-industrial, structure, surrendered

d) Preindustrial, gradation, resisted

e) Pseudopodia, tier, yielded

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  a)

The sentence is talking about allegorical poems which are about questions and answers. The destination to be reached is the question which is responded by the divine power. Hence, option a is the only fit.

2) Answer: b)

Other options when put in the blank spaces do not make any sense and are also grammatically incorrect. Option b is the best fit which gives a meaning to the sentence.

3) Answer: c)

Other options do not make any sense. Also they are grammatically incorrect. Here, the sentence is describing about education system and its tools and therefore option c is the best fit.

4) Answer: b)

Other combinations do not make any sense when put together. The sentence is talking about our attraction towards people we love and how we are curious to know more about their habits, feelings etc. Therefore, option b is the correct answer.

5) Answer: d)

The man is talking about dealing with issues and winning people’s faith with love and “out of hand” is the phrase we commonly use to describe things going beyond control Therefore option d is the best and the only fit.

6) Answer: d)

The sentence here is talking about a man’s first time experience in the countryside and therefore option d is the best and the correct fit. The other combinations do not make any meaning when put and are also not grammatically correct.

7) Answer: a)

The other options do not go with the context of the sentence. Some of the combinations are not correct grammatically. Option a is the correct answer.

8) Answer: b)

Here the sentence means that the Prime Minister is trying to bring up irrelevant issues to hide important problems. Agrarian means farming. Therefore option b is the correct answer

9) Answer: c)

Other combinations when put together have error grammatically and do not make sense.

10) Answer: b)

The best fit is Option b. The other options are either grammatically incorrect or do not make any sense when they are put together in the blank spaces. Here the are talking about the economic problems of the society and in this context option b is the best fit.


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