SBI PO Interview Questions: Check Here for Preparation

SBI PO Interview Questions 2021:

The SBI PO interview questions 2021, which are most expected are available here. The SBI PO Exam consists of 3 phases basically, they are Prelims, Mains, and Interview (Or Interview & Group Exercises) process. The SBI PO Prelims and Mains Exam are over. For the interview stage we are providing the most expected SBI PO Interview questions and answers pdf. The SBI PO interview round is the final lap in this race. So you have to prepare well for the interview using this SBI PO interview questions and answers provided here. If you refer to these commonly asked SBI bank PO interview questions and answers, then you can get some clarity and confidence. This will support your success in the final round.


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The SBI PO Interview provides an absolute judgment of aspirants’ capabilities, potential, and other factors which will make it easier for the interviewer to know whether that the candidate is suitable for the job or not. Cracking SBI PO Interview is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge of banking and other fields. Cracking the SBI PO Interview is quite challenging and requires much dedication, patience, and hard work. The SBI PO interview questions are most of like who, why, and how.


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Some Common SBI PO Interview Questions:


The Interview questions begin with questions according to your personality and interests. It can be based on your hobbies and more information that you know related to your hobbies. The Interview question may also be in a way to know more of your aspirations, personality, and related to family background.


Some commonly asked SBI PO interview questions are as follows:

  1. It may be related to your educational background like Why Engineering?? As such.
  2. Tell me something about yourself?
  3. Based on your previous working Experience if present.
  4. Why Banking Industry?

In SBI PO Interview Questions may also contain some Knowledge-based questions like:

  1. Types of accounts in Banks?
  2. Role of SBI?
  3. Role of RBI?
  4. Different kind of cheques?

The SBI PO Exam Interview questions that are related to a particular bank are as follows,

Do you know any punchline of SBI?

Answer to this question:

  • The Nation banks on us
  • The banker to every Indian
  • Pure Banking Nothing Else

Disinvestment process explanation? Its objectives?

Answer to this question:

Disinvestment can be defined as the action of an organization selling or liquidating an asset or subsidiary. It can also be called ‘divestment‘ or ‘divestiture.’ In main contexts, disinvestment typically refers to the sale from the government, partly or fully, of a government-owned enterprise.

Retail lending Introduction?

Retail lending is the process of loaning money to individuals rather than institutions. Retail lending is done by credit unions, banks, and savings and loan associations. These institutions make loans for home purchases, automobile purchases, medical care, home repair, vacations, and other consumer uses.

Tips for facing and cracking SBI PO Interview questions:

  • Obtain knowledge of personal question (regarding your birthplace, hobbies, subject in graduation and it should be in line with your CV)
  • Practice more mock interviews.
  • Create FAQs well practice on a daily basis

When it comes to asking the question for yourself that, is it necessary to join coaching classes for preparation?  →it depends on the individual candidate and his educational background and knowledge. It’s not compulsory that you need to attend coaching classes to gain good marks and perform well in SBI PO Interview. If you seriously think that you need a guidance of coaching class to prepare for SBI PO Interview, then you should select and join some good coaching institute near to you, since you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity after getting shortlisted for the SBI PO Interview that to you got by cracking SBI PO Mains Exam.

To prepare for SBI PO Interview you need to focus on the type of questions as mentioned above like General questions to know about you and your interests, Questions from your educational background, some Banking related questions, and questions on current affairs.

There may also be a Group Exercise round in the SBI PO Interview process.

The final stage of this SBI PO exam structure is either,

(i) Interview only (50 marks)


(ii) Interview (30 marks) & Group Exercises (20 marks).

The marks out of 250 in the mains examination are converted to 75 marks. Similarly, the marks out of 50 in Group Exercises & Interviews are converted to 25 marks. The final merit list is prepared for a total of 100 marks, by adding these two totals.

By using all these SBI PO Interview questions and tips one can get some help in passing the interview.


Q: How can I prepare for SBI interview?

A: Prepare the latest banking awareness, technologies, and current affairs. Then know about the interest rates, history, schemes, and technologies of SBI.

Q: What is the maximum mark for the SBI PO interview round?

A: The final stage of this SBI PO exam consists of 50 marks in either way,

(i) Interview only (50 marks)


(ii) Interview (30 marks) & Group Exercises (20 marks).