SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 – Day 12

Practice with SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 Day 12. For every bank exams, English section is important for prelims as well as mains exam. You should score at least the minimum qualifying marks to get qualify the examination. The English language section is quite tougher compare to other sections. So analyze the updated syllabus and exam pattern for English and give priority according to the weightage. Give more importance to the more weightage sections. If you want to crack the examination within a short period of time the start preparation and practice regularly with our SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 Day 12.

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Directions (1-10): The sentences given in each of questions have three blanks. You need to understand which of the options best fit the blanks.

1) The President’s _______ to overturn his decision to appoint the Vice-chancellor of Visva Bharati ______ West Bengal is not just outstanding, it _______ troubling questions.

a) Decision, in, raises

b) Right, for, risen

c) Question, to, answer

d) Residence, of, fails

e) Both a and c

2) The CBI is _______ four top officials of Gokul Bank in connection with the Rs.20, 400- crore loan _______ allegedly pulled off by billionaire jeweller Veeren Singh and his family, sources _____ said.

a) Questioning, fraud, have

b) Trying, case, have

c) Transacting, fraud, has

d) Managing, fraud, has

e) Asking, fraud, had

3) Nepal will hold presidential ________ in the month of March to ________ the new president who will succeed the Himalayan nations’ first woman _________ Bidhya Devi Bhandari.

a) Election, succeed, prime-minister

b) Election, elect, president

c) Candidates, poll, leader

d) Polling, elect, leader

e) Both a and b

4) Stress and adversity ________the brain’s ability to learn and retain information, earlier research has found. But according to a remarkable new neurological ________ in mice, regular exercise can counteract those effects by ___________ communication between brain cells.

a) Stronger, research, maintaining

b) Connects, study, exercising

c) Studies, changes, understanding

d) Weaken, study, bolstering

e) Both a and b

5) The creation of NITI Aayog was ______ to be a game changer, to ______ new vigour and rigour in the policy planning process, involve key stakeholders, and address the ______ of the previous body.

a) Proposed, absorb, challenges

b) Proposed, address, success

c) Expected, infuse, failures

d) Supposed, implant, accomplishment

e) Both c and d

6) With weapons stolen from the government, a group of ______ begin to unleash _____on citizens worldwide and plan to get rich in the process—until a young man accidentally finds the kill switch to _____ their plans.

a) Attacker, lawfulness, devise

b) Gangsters, havoc, succeed

c) Warrior, freedom, withdraw

d) Belligerents, anarchy, destroy

e) Both c and d

7) The______tensions over the last few months between the RBI and the Centre found ______ release over the weekend _____a public speech by the Deputy Governor.

a) Enhancing, spectacular, at

b) Simmering, spectacular, through

d) Memorable, grand, on

d) High, grand, in

e) Both a and b

8) The 18th Amendment, which _____ a dual executive, made the PM’s position secure from the _____actions of the President. Thus, the office of the PM falls vacant only under limited______.

a) Created, arbitrary, circumstances

b) Made, arbitrary, problems

c) Formed, strange, domain

d) Produced, strange, circumstances

e) Both a and c

9) Unlike several other countries, the government of this country _____on foreign students joining the companies in their country so as to not to lose talent, and no_____the number of Indian students are increasing by the _____ in the country.

a) Embrace, wonder, day

b) Desire, wonder, way

c) Insists, wonder, day

d) Embrace, wonder, contrary

e) Both a and c

10) High drama ____ outside the bungalow of CBI Director at Rajveer Chowk, ____ his personal security officers ____ four officials of the IB.

a) Played, as , arrested

b) Exposed, after, catch

c) Unfolded, when, caught

d) Reloaded, so, stopped

e) Created, then, halted


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Only option a) fits the given context correctly.

2) Answer: a)

Only option a) fits the given context

3) Answer: b)

The words in the combination in b) make the sentence contextually correct and meaningful.

4) Answer: d)

Only option d) fits the given context

5) Answer: c)

Only option c) fits the given context

6) Answer: d)

Only option d) fits the given context because belligerents- person engaged in war or conflict, as recognized by international law. Anarchy- a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.

7) Answer: b)

Option b) is the most appropriate to fit in the blank while others make it incorrect.

8) Answer: a)

‘Arbitrary’ means based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. Hence, a) is the correct set of words for the blanks.

9) Answer: c)

The words in the combination in c) make the sentence contextually correct and meaningful.

10) Answer: c)

‘unfolded, when, caught’ are the three most appropriate words to fit in the blanks.

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