SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 – Day 17

Practice with SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 Day 17. For every bank exams, English section is important for prelims as well as mains exam. You should score at least the minimum qualifying marks to get qualify the examination. The English language section is quite tougher compare to other sections. So analyze the updated syllabus and exam pattern for English and give priority according to the weightage. Give more importance to the more weightage sections. If you want to crack the examination within a short period of time the start preparation and practice regularly with our SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 Day 17.

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Directions (1-6) Given are sentences which may or may not have error. In case there is no error mark option (e) as your answer.

1) The existence of such (a)/ massive training facilities capable of (b)/ training hundreds of Jihadis could (c)/ not have functioned without the knowledge of Pakistan authorities (d).

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) Both a and b

e) No error

2) According to military and diplomatic sources, (a)/ this is the farthest Indian Air Force jets have crossed into Pakistani-held (b)/ territory since 1971, but couldn’t confirm the (c)/ actual distance inside Pakistan that is travelled. (d)

a) Both a and c

b) b

c) a

d) d

e) No error

3)     Jayasuriya is a former Sri Lankan captain who was also (a)/ a key member of the 1996 World Cup winning team. (b)/ He later serves (c)/ two terms as the chairman of selectors. (d)

a) b

b) a

c) Both b and c

d) c

e) No error

4)     The ACU recently (a)/ gave an amnesty in relation (b)/ to Sri Lanka Cricket resulting in 11 players (c)/ and other participants coming forward with new information. (d)

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) Both a and c

e) No error

5) The development of this benchmark document (a)/ is included in the project collaboration agreement (b)/ signed between WHO and Ministry of AYUSH on cooperation in the field of (c)/ traditional and complementary medicine under WHO strategy covers the period 2014-2023. (d)

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) Both a and c

e) No error

6) Jammu and Kashmir Governor (a)/Satya Pal Malik on Sunday appeals (b)/for calm in the State but remained silent on the State’s defence of Article 35A,(c)/ to be heard by the Supreme Court in the coming week.(d)

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) d

e) No error

Direction (7-10): Given is a sentence with a word in bold. The options that follow may be synonyms or antonyms. You are to pick which of the options is odd among them.

7) The Central government on Tuesday issued a notification making it mandatory for candidates to declare total income as shown in their Income-Tax Returns (ITR) for the last five years, and that of their spouses, dependents and the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), as recommended by the Election Commission.

a) Inessential

b) Voluntary

c) Secondary

d) Free

e) De rigueur

8) With both the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and Paris-based Financial Action Task Force issuing strong statements on the February 14 Pulwama terror attack and calling on Pakistan to act against the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), diplomats in Delhi and New York say they have begun negotiations on a new proposal to place JeM chief Masood Azhar on the ban list operated by the UNSC’s 1267 committee, the fourth such request in four consecutive years.

a) Conference

b) Arbitration

c) Intervention

d) Disagreement

e) Diplomacy

9) The Foreign Secretary reminded that Pakistan had made a solemn commitment in January 2004 not to allow its soil or territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India.

a) Funereal

b) Pensive

c) Portentous

d) Glum

e) Ignorant

10)   At a briefing, Mr. Gokhale also said a number of terrorists were eliminated in the air strike.

a) Eradicate

b) Erase

c) Obliterate

d) Establish

e) Annihilate


Directions (1-6):

1) Answer: e)

2) Answer: d)

Replace ‘is’ with ‘was’

3) Answer: d)

Replace ‘serves’ with ‘served’.

4) Answer: e)

5) Answer: c)

Replace ‘covers’ with ‘covered’

6) Answer: b)

Replace ‘appeals’ with ‘appealed’

Directions (7-10):

7) Answer: e)

While all the others are antonyms of ‘mandatory’, ‘de rigueur’ is a synonym of mandatory.

8) Answer: d)

Rest are synonyms of ‘negotiations’

9) Answer: e)

Only option e is the antonym of solemn. Others are all synonyms.

10) Answer: d)

While the rest are synonyms of ‘eliminate’, ‘establish’ is the near antonym of it.

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