SBI PO Descriptive Test 2021: Check Details & Preparation Methods

The SBI PO Descriptive Test topics for mains exam practice are here. The State Bank of India conducting the PO mains exam will have an SBI PO descriptive test. The SBI PO descriptive test is conducted in typing mode. Here we have updated the complete details, preparation methods, and tips for the SBI PO descriptive test 2021. The SBI PO job is a dream for many aspirants of our country. But in this exam, you cannot attain success just like that. For that, you have to toil hard for all the 3 stages of the recruitment process. If you fail in any one stage, you cannot achieve your goal. The 3 stages of the prelims, mains, and group exercise & interview. The SBI PO descriptive test will take place in the mains exam.

  • Prelims – 100 marks
  • Mains – 250 marks
  • Group exercise & interview- 50 marks

The SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern:

The candidates clearing the prelims exam will take on the mains exam. The mains exam is the second stage of this recruitment process. The details of the mains exam of SBI PO are given in the table. For this exam, there is no sectional cut off. But candidates have to clear the overall cut-off to get selected for the final round. The mains exam will have 4 sections and SBI PO descriptive test. All the 4 sections will have separate sectional timing as mentioned in the table. so you cannot swap between the sections. The four sections are:

  • Reasoning ability & computer aptitude
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • General / Economy / Banking awareness
  • English language


For all the sections, the details such as maximum marks, number of questions, time limit are mentioned in the table. After the completion of all the 4 sections, you have to attend the descriptive test.


S No. Section No. Of questions Maximum marks Duration
1. Reasoning ability & computer aptitude 45 60 60 minutes
2. Data interpretation and analysis 35 60 45 minutes
3. General/ Economy/ Banking awareness 40 40 35 minutes
4. English language 35 40 40 minutes
Total 155 200 3 hours
Descriptive test: Letter and essay writing 2 50 30 minutes


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SBI PO Descriptive Test Details:

As there is sectional timing in the mains exam, you cannot interchange the sections as per your wish. As per the set order, the sections will appear on your screen. After the time limit ends, the next section appears automatically. In this manner, after all the 4 sections get finished, the SBI PO descriptive test appears on your screen. This descriptive test is held in typing mode. That is, in your screen, you have to type a letter-writing and an essay. Topics for the letter writing and essay will be given. you have to type the content in the given space.

  • Letter writing – 1
  • Essay – 1
  • Total time duration – 30 minutes
  • Total marks for the SBI PO Descriptive test section – 50 marks


In the question, the word count limit for the letter writing and essay are mentioned. So within that range, you have to type the content within the given time limit. With these 50 marks, the total marks for the mains exam are 250.

Improve Your Typing Skills:

The descriptive test is held in typing mode. So first, you have to be good in typing skills. practice typing with the computer keyboards. If you type fast, you can finish the content easily within the given 30 minutes.

Preparation For SBI PO 2021 Descriptive Test:

Here some preparation tips are given for the descriptive test. Follow these tips to perform well in the descriptive test.

  • You have to type the letter-writing and essay in the English language. So improve English language skills. Learn the rules of grammar. Only then you can type without grammar mistakes.
  • Prepare more exam point of view essay and letter writing topics.
  • Refer to the previous year question paper and practice those letter writing and essay topics.
  • Be clear with the content, so that you can type continuously with high speed.
  • Know the format and structure of the letter-writing in a proper manner.
  • The sentences in your essay should be clear and crispy. Don’t type very lengthy sentences.
  • For essay, you should be aware of daily news around the world, the latest banking technologies, etc. There are chances that in these topics essay could be asked. So read daily newspapers and be updated with the latest topics

Letter Writing Tips:

In the SBI PO descriptive test, there are various types of letter writing that may be asked. There are normally two types of letter writing. they are,

  1. Formal letter
  2. Informal letter

If you write a letter to a government official or bank manager, etc. it is called a formal letter. These letters will have a standard format. Follow all the formats to score marks. The letter to a co-worker, relative, or friend is called informal letter. These are the letter-writing types that may be asked in the SBI PO 2020 descriptive test.

Sample Letter Writing Topics:

  • Letter to your father advising him to take steps to improve his health condition.
  • Letter to your uncle for advising on his retirement plans.
  • A Letter to your aunty to inform her about the benefits of choosing Fixed Deposit Service in the bank.
  • Letter to Branch Manager to add your son’s name as a second nominee for your savings account.

These are some of the samples of formal and informal letter types that can be asked in the SBI PO descriptive test 2020. With good English knowledge, you can easily score in this section.

Essay Writing Tips:

  • The essay should not be too lengthy
  • Don’t cross the maximum word counts mentioned in the topic
  • Make shorter paragraphs, which will make it easy to read.
  • Don’t deviate from the core theme of the essay topic.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: The descriptive test is conducted in which mode?

A: It is conducted in the online mode. that is you have to type the letter-writing and essay in the computer.


Q: What is the total marks for the SBI PO 2021 descriptive test?

A: The maximum marks for the descriptive test is 50.


Q: Can we attend the descriptive test at the beginning of the mains exam?

A: No, it can be attended at the last only. after all 4 sections got over, the descriptive test questions will appear automatically on your computer.