GA Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains 2021: Check Here

GA Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains 2021:

GA Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains 2021 – SBI PO Mains Exam for the year 2021 has been successfully conducted on 29th January 2021. A wide range of aspirants has appeared for the examination. Check here the list of GA Questions asked in SBI PO mains 2021.

A lot of mains exams are lined up for the aspirants. In the mains exams, the general awareness section plays a vital role. So, refer to the GA-GK questions asked in SBI PO mains 2021. Totally 31 questions are covered from our capsule. If you refer to all these general awareness questions asked in SBI PO mains 2021. The general awareness section contains current affairs, banking awareness, and static GK. So check all these GA Questions asked in SBI PO mains 2021. Follow our general awareness capsule. So that you can also score more marks in the general awareness section in the upcoming mains exams. In this GA Questions asked in SBI PO mains 2021, we have listed the questions and the link to our capsule.


1. Satpura Tiger reserve situated at _____?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Static PDF


2. Soma mondal is elected as the first female chairperson of which of organization?

Ans: Steel Authority of India Limited

Page 359 – Part 1


3. LIC acquired 51% stakes of which Bank?

Ans: IDBI Bank

Daily Current Affairs


4. Which of the following country was ranked below India in global hunger index ?

Ans: Nigeria

Page 154 – Part 2


5. What does H stand for GRIHA?

Ans: Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment

Page 73 – Part 2


6. What is the theme of Regulatory Sandbox 2nd cohort?

Ans: Cross Border Payments’

Daily Current Affairs


7. Who becomes the first women’s umpire in men’s ODI?

Ans: Claire Antonia Polosak

Daily Current Affairs

8. What does I stands for in QIP?

Ans: Qualified Institutional Placement

Page 222 – Part 2


9. What is the lending rate of Ethanol?

Ans: 5.09%


10. What is the total transactions of UPI in first Quarter?

Ans: 1,51,141 crore

Page 359 – Part 1


11. Which country becomes the largest producer of crude oil in 2019?

Ans: United States


12. Jawa Motorcycles, one of the most iconic Indian motorcycle manufacturers, has re-entered the Indian two-wheeler segment after 22 years belongs to which group?

Ans: Mahindra & Mahindra


13. “Utarkash 2022” launched by which of the following organization ?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India

Daily Current Affairs


14. CRAR of public sector bank in march 2020?

Ans: 9%


15. Who headed the financial Inclusion Committee?

Ans: Deepak Mohanty

Banking Static



16. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the advanced Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (HWT) test facility at the DRDO’s Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex at ____?

Ans: Hyderabad

Page 373 – Part 1


17. Which of the following countries have done wind tunnel test before India?

Ans: Russia and USA

Page 44 – Part 1


18. Which bank launched a three- in- one bank account?

Ans: Equitas Small Finance Bank

Page 75 – Part 1


19. RBI said all entities will upload KYC to account opened by extending the applicability of the CKYCR with respect to ———–?

Ans: April1, 2021

Page 31 – Part 1


20. Which among the following is a Kharif Crop?

Ans: Maize

Daily Current Affairs


21. Who laid the foundation stone of the New Parliament Building at Sansad Marg in Parliament Complex?

Ans: Narenda Modi

Page 296 – Part 1


22. What is the duration of PMVVY?

Ans: 10 years

Schemes PDF


23. Which country women have least fertility according to report of UNFP?

Ans: Japan

Daily Current Affairs


24. What is the target year for Agricultural Infrastructure?

Ans: 2020-29

Page 204 – Part 1


25. Where does Living Root Bridge constructed?

Ans: Meghalaya


26. Who is the new president of International Golf Federation?

Ans: Annika Sorenstam

Page 375 – Part 1


27. PM recently launched light house projects in 6 states. The houses will be constructed under?

Ans: Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

Page 310 – Part 1


28. What is the target year for Agricultural Infrastructure?

Ans: 2020-29

Page 204 – Part 1


29. What does O stand for in NOHFC?

Ans: Operative

Banking Static


30. Which of the following new facility introduced under UPI 2.0, customers can now enable recurring e-mandate using any UPI application for recurring payments such as mobile bills, electricity bills, EMI payments, entertainment/OTT subscriptions, insurance, mutual funds among others?

Ans: UPI Autopay

Page 67 – Part 1


31. $ 1 billion support was given by which organization to India’s health support?

Ans: World Bank

Daily Current Affairs


32. What is the limit of Ways and Means Advances for the second half of Fiscal year?

Ans: 1.25 lakh crore

Page 21 – Part 1


33. Who authored the book Dream from my father?

Ans: Barack Obama

Books and Author Static PDF


34. Where does Mangdechhu Hydroelectric project started?

Ans: Bhutan

Page 9 – Part 2


35. PM recently launched light house projects in 6 states from which sector?

Ans: Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerators (ASHA)

Page 310 – Part 1


36. How many zeros after 1 in Kotipakoti?

Ans: 21


37. SBI raised how many million by 5.5 years OFFSHORE Bond at a coupon of 1.8?

Ans: 600 million


38. Largest interconnected network of ATM?

Ans: National financial switch

Banking Static

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