SBI PO Vacancy 2021 | Category-wise Vacancy | Backlog Vacancy & More

SBI PO Vacancy 2021:

The SBI PO 2021 vacncy for this year Will Announce Soon. The State Bank of India is conducting exam for the Probationary Officer post. The SBI PO vacancy details are here. Last year’s vacancy for the same post is 2000. Here we have updated the SBI PO vacancy 2021 details.

“How many vacancies in SBI PO 20201?” is the exciting question among the candidates.  The vacancy is fixed by the recruitment board. Over the years, there is a sharp increase in the overall vacancy of SBI PO. In 2018, there is a slight dip in vacancy. In 2019, the vacancy didn’t change. So we expect that there will be not any strong fluctuation in SBI PO 2020 vacancy. Here we have provided the  year-wise vacancy of SBI PO. By referring it, you can get a clear vision about the vacancy for this year.

The total vacancy of the SBI PO 2020 recruitment is 2000.

  • SC – 300 vacancies
  • ST – 150 vacancies
  • OBC – 540 vacancies
  • EWS – 200 vacancies
  • General – 810 vacancies
Year SBI PO Vacancy
2013 1500
2014 1897
2015 2000
2016 2200
2017 2313
2018 2000
2019 2000
2020 2000

SBI PO 2021 Recruitment:

“When will SBI PO vacancy come?” is the most common question among the banking aspirants. The SBI PO exam has a great hype among the candidates as it is one of their dream jobs. In the official notification, candidates can check complete details about the recruitment process. So the candidates are eagerly waiting for the official notification. Here we have added the tentative dates regarding the SBI PO 2021 recruitment.

Activity Tentative Dates
Online application start date Will Announce Soon
Online application end date Will Announce Soon
The download of call letters for online Preliminary Examination Will Announce Soon
Online Preliminary Examination Will Announce Soon
Result of Online Preliminary Examination Will Announce Soon
The download of Call letter for Online Main Examination Will Announce Soon
Conduct of Online Main Examination Will Announce Soon
Declaration of Result of Main Examination Will Announce Soon
The download of Call Letter for phase III Will Announce Soon
Conduct of Phase III – Interview (Or Interview & Group Exercises) Will Announce Soon
Declaration of Final Result Will Announce Soon
The download of call letters for Pre-Examination Training Will Announce Soon
Conduct of Pre- Examination Training Will Announce Soon


The candidates wishing to apply for the exam check your eligibility norms first. If you are completely eligible, then start to apply for the exam. The SBI PO selection process is done in 3 phases of the following order.

  • Online Preliminary exam
  • Online Mains exam
  • Interview (Or Interview & Group Exercises)

Get More: SBI PO Notification 

What is Backlog Vacancy in SBI PO?

The backlog vacancies are the unfilled vacancies of previous year. The candidates selected in the final merit list may have not joined the bank due to various reasons. To fill up those seats, SBI PO backlog vacancy is announced.

Reservation for PWD Candidates:

The section 34 of “Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016” states minimum reservation percentage for the PWD candidates. As per this RPWD act 2016, the persons with benchmark disabilities will have 4% horizontal reservation in the vacancy in SBI PO 2021. The PWD candidates are classified into four following categories.

  • Locomotor Disabilities (LD)
  • Visual Impairment (VI)
  • Hearing Impaired (HI)
  • ‘d’ & ‘e’ types

Locomotor Disabilities:

The persons under this category cannot do the normal activities of self and object movement. It will cause due to the harm in the musculoskeletal or nervous system or both. This category also includes orthopedically challenged persons,

  • OA – One arm affected (Right or Left)
  • OL – One leg affected (Right or Left)
  • OAL – One arm & One Leg affected
  • BL – Both legs affected but not arms

Then this category includes Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Leprosy Cured, Dwarfism, and Acid Attack Victims. All these persons will have a reservation under LD category for SBI PO 2021 vacancy.

Leprosy Cured Person:

These are the persons cured from leprosy but still suffering. Under this there are various types as following.

  • Loss of sensation in hands or foot, paresis in eye and eye-lid but not suffering from the manifest deformity.
  • Manifest deformity and paresis but having enough hand and feet movements to do daily economic works.
  • High physical deformity with advanced age along with “leprosy cured” factor.

Cerebral Palsy:

It is a neurological disorder that affects the muscles and body movements. It is caused due to damage in certain areas of brain. This will usually occur at time of birth.

Dwarfism: Due to genetical or medical reasons the height of the persons in adult limited to 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimetres) or less.

Muscular Dystrophy: It’s a hereditary genetic muscle disorder. Due to the genetic defect and lack of proteins, persons will lead to have weak muscles in their body. It is characterised by the death of muscle cells and tissues, gradual weakening of skeletal muscles and deficiency in muscle proteins.

Acid attack victims: Persons affected with acid attacks or any other similar corrosive fluids.

These all persons will come under the LD category reservation of SBI PO vacancy 2021.

Visual Impairment (VI): 

In SBI PO upcoming vacancy 2021, the reservation for VI category will have 2 following types.

  • Blindness
  • Low vision


In this type, 3 cases are present as given below. Any of the following 3 cases will come under the blindness type.

  • Complete lack of sight
  • Visual acuity less than 3/60 or less than 10/200 (Snellen) in the better eye with best possible correction.
  • Limitation of the field of vision subtending an angle of less than 10 degree.

Low Vision:

Any of the following 2 cases given below comes under low vision type.

  • Visual acuity not exceeding 6/18 or less than 20/60 upto 3/60 or upto 10/200 (Snellen) in the better eye with best possible corrections.
  • Limitation of the field of vision subtending an angle of less than 40 degree upto 10 degree.

All the above mentioned cases of blindness and low vision types will come under VI category of SBI PO 2020 vacancy.

Hearing Impaired (HI): In this category 2 types are available as mentioned below.

  • Deaf – 70 DB hearing loss in both ears
  • Hard of hearing – 60 to 70 DB hearing loss in both ears.

These 2 cases will come under VI category for vacancy in SBI PO 2021.

‘d’ & ‘e’ types:

In SBI PO 2021 vacancy, there is separate reservation for ‘d’ & ‘e’ category. The persons suffering from the following 3 types of disabilities will come under this category.

  • Special Learning Disability (SLD)
  • Mental Illness (MI)
  • Multiple Disabilities

Special Learning Disability (SLD): It is a mix of various conditions in which there are deficit in language processing, speaking, and writing. It will show difficulty to read, write, speak, spell or to do maths calculations. It also includes conditions of perceptual disabilities, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and developmental aphasia.

Mental Illness (MI): It includes disorders in thinking, mood, memory, behaviour, perception, recognition, and ability to do normal works in life. But it does not include the condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind, specially characterised by sub normality of intelligence.

Multiple Disabilities: It means multiple disabilities among the categories of VI, LD, HI, MI, and SLD.

All these persons will have reservation in‘d’ & ‘e’ category for SBI PO vacancy 2021.

Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS):

The term EWS has been introduced by the central government last year. It means Economically Weaker Section. This is one of the subcategories that was added to the General category candidates. For SBI PO vacancy 2020 certain seats were reserved for EWS quota. The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions and The Department of Personnel & Training has introduced the EWS. There are a lot of queries regarding the EWS as following,

  • What is meant By EWS?
  • Who are all come under EWS?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for EWS?
  • What are the documents are needed to avail EWS?
  • How many percentages have been given for EWS?
  • Are there any additional benefits regarding Age relaxation, fee consumption, number of attempts, etc for EWS?

For the above queries here we have provided detailed explanation regarding the EWS reservation in SBI PO vacancy 2020.  Many candidates yet now don’t have any awareness regarding the EWS reservation in central government jobs and studies. So kindly refer and make use of it for your upcoming exams.

What is meant by EWS?

EWS means Economically Weaker Section. Economically Weaker Section (EWS) in India is a category of people whose annual income is less than Rs 8 lakhs and who does not belong to any reservation category as OBC / SC / ST.

Who are all come under the EWS Quota?

EWS quota is only for General category people who are having the annual income less than Rs. 8 lakhs. People from the reservation category OBC, SC, ST have not come under EWS.

Eligibility criteria for EWS: Income & Asset Details

People who are not covered under the scheme of reservation categories as OBC / SC / ST and whose annual income is less than Rs. 8 lakhs per annum is considered as EWS. Income should also include from all the sources like salary, agriculture, business, profession, etc.

In addition to the persons whose family owns or possesses any of the following assets shall be excluded from being identified as EWS, irrespective of the family income:

  • 5 acres of agricultural land and above;
  • Residential at of 1000 sq ft. and above;
  • The residential, plot of 200 sq. yards and above in areas other than the notified municipalities.
  • Residential plot of 100 sq. yards and above in notified municipalities;
EWS Reservation Documents:

The benefit of reservation under EWS can be availed upon submission of an Income and Asset Certificate issued by a Competent Authority. The Income and Asset Certificate issued ‘by any one of the following authorities.

  • District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector/ Deputy Commissioner /Additional Deputy Commissioner / 1st Class Stipendary Magistrate / Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Taluka Magistrate Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Commissioner.
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate / Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate / Presidency Magistrate.
  • Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahsildar and
  • Sub-Divisional Officer or the area where the candidate and / or his family normally resides.
How many percentages have reserved for EWS quota?

As per the government norms, the EWS quota will get 10% reservation for all the upcoming central government exams.

Is SBI PO Vacancy 2020 is applicable for EWS quota?

Yes absolutely, the EWS quota is applicable for the candidates those who are applying for SBI PO vacancy 2020. Because SBI is the public sector bank which comes under the central government.

Are there any additional benefits regarding Age Relaxation, No. of attempts, Fee concession?

As per the government corrigendum, there are no such relaxations for EWS quota.

Candidates who fall under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) will get just the 10% reservation quota. It would be the same as those of candidates in the open-merit (general). There won’t get any relaxations with respect to age-limit, Fee concession & a number of attempts.

This is all about the EWS regarding with SBI PO Vacancy 2020. So candidates enhance your knowledge and keep avail the benefits of the EWS quota for your upcoming exams.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the total vacancy of SBI PO 2020 recruitment?

A:The total vacancy is 2000.

Q: What is the compensatory time given for the candidates with benchmark disabilities in SBI PO 2020 exam?

A: For those candidates, a compensatory time of 20 minutes is given for every hour of the exam.