Sectional IBPS Clerk Online Test Series – Day-15

Sectional IBPS Clerk Online Test Series – Day-15:
Dear Readers, IBPS Clerk Examination for the year 2017 was approaching very shortly, for that we have given the Sectional IBPS Clerk Test Series which consist of questions from all the three sections such as, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. This Sectional IBPS Clerk Test Series will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

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1). A dealer sold two ACs at Rs. 5940 each. On selling one AC he gained 10% and on selling the other he lost 10%. Find the dealer’s gain or loss percent?

  1. 1% gain
  2. 1% loss
  3. 2% loss
  4. 2% gain
  5. None of these


2). An amount of money is to be distributed among P, Q and R in the ratio of 5:4:7 respectively. If the total share of P and R is 3 times the share of Q, what is definitely Q’s share?

  1. 2000
  2. 4000
  3. 6000
  4. data inadequate
  5. None of these


3). Two cars start together in the same direction from the same place. The first goes with uniform speed of 10 kmph. The second goes at a speed of 8 kmph in the first hour and increases its speed by 1/2 kmph each succeeding hours. After how many hours will the second car overtake the first, if both cars go non stop?

  1. 8 hours
  2. 7 hours
  3. 6 hours
  4. 9 hours
  5. 10 hours


4). Sahil has two bags (A& B) that contain green and blue balls.In the Bag ‘A’ there are 6 green and 8 blue balls and in the Bag ‘B’ there are 6 green and 6 blue balls. One ball is drawn out from any of these two bags. What is the probability that the ball drawn is blue?

  1. 15/28
  2. 13/28
  3. 17/28
  4. 23/28
  5. 35/28


5). Three pipes P, Q and R can fill a tank in 12 minutes, 18 minutes and 24 minutes respectively. The pipe R is closed 12 minutes before the tank is filled. In what time the tank is full?

  1. 8(5/13) hrs
  2. 8(4/13) hrs
  3. 7(4/13) hrs
  4. 8(6/13) hrs
  5. None of these


Directions (6 – 10): Study the information below and  the following question:

In a certain code language

‘economy and wealth balance‘ is written as ‘ghmkrust’

‘wealth of nations depleting‘ is written as ‘tlzmakgh‘

‘taxes balance nations better‘ is written as ‘djruzmpn‘

‘better to revive economy‘ is written as ‘brhtdjst‘

(All codes are two-letter codes only)

6). What does the code ‘tl’ stand for in the given code language?

  1. and
  2. Either ‘of’ or ‘depleting’
  3. taxes
  4. to
  5. either ‘nations’ or ‘taxes’


7). Which of the following may possibly represent ‘revive to‘ in the given code?

  1. zmht
  2. btzm
  3. ht co
  4. brht
  5. brdj


8). What is the code for ‘economy’ in the given code language?

  1. st
  2. Either ‘mk’ or ‘ru’
  3. gh
  4. dj
  5. mk


9). What is the code for ‘balance’ in the given code language?

  1. st
  2. gh
  3. ru
  4. ak
  5. zm


10). Which of the following may represent ‘better generate wealth’ in the given code language?

  1. fsghdj
  2. djmkgh
  3. ghpnst
  4. ghfsmk
  5. xsdjak


Direction(Q 11-15): In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered.

Four years after the Indian hockey team finished last at the London Olympics, the men stood on the same(11) with their heads held high, silver medals at the(12)Champions Trophy gleaming around their necks. It was a historic win, the second podium finish at a major international competition in six months and, going into the Olympics, an(13)of how much India has advanced. The team lost in a shootout, but holding world champion Australia goalless for 60 minutes was in itself commendable, given that no one except the players believed it could be done. That it came a day after losing 4-2 to the same opposition makes it more impressive. It is the(14) of a long process that often threatened to(15). The process began with Spanish coach Jose Brasa and trainer Jesus Garcia Pallares in 2009 soon after the team missed the Olympic bus for the first time. Pallares was the man who brought science into training despite a very brief stay. It continued with David John who assisted Michael Nobbs and then Jason Konrath and now Matthew Eyles. Despite the exit of several coaches in this period, the team always had a good trainer to ensure that fitness did not suffer.

11). ?

  1. furthest
  2. turf
  3. alfresco
  4. alien
  5. foreign


12). ?

  1. poor
  2. worst
  3. dearth
  4. ordinary
  5. elite

13). ?

  1. guide
  2. estimate
  3. guess
  4. indicator
  5. dismiss

14). ?

  1. behind
  2. opening
  3. culmination
  4. commencement
  5. beginning


  1. derail
  2. incite
  3. indict
  4. talk into
  5. persuade


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