Sectional IBPS Clerk Online Test Series – Day-30

Sectional IBPS Clerk Online Test Series – Day-30:
Dear Readers, IBPS Clerk Examination for the year 2017 was approaching very shortly, for that we have given the Sectional IBPS Clerk Test Series which consist of questions from all the three sections such as, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. This Sectional IBPS Clerk Test Series will be provided on daily basis kindly make use of it.

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Directions (1 – 5): In the following questions two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and choose the correct option:

a) x> y

b) x ≥ y

c) x< y

d) x ≤ y

e) x = y or the relationship cannot be determined

1).  I. 9x2 – 9x + 2 = 0; II. 20y2 + 1 = 9y

 2).  I. x2 = x + 12; II. y2 + 7y + 12 = 0

 3). I. 2x2 + 5x + 2 = 0; II. 4y2 = 1

 4). I.12x2 – 17x + 6 = 0; II. 2y2 – 17y + 35 = 0

 5). I.x2 + 44 = 64.25; II. y = √20.25


Direction (06 to 10):

There are seven persons –M, P, Q, R, S, T and U—who participated in a singing competition which started on 25th may and ended on 31st may. In the first round of the competition, each of them performed regional songs, viz Nepali, English, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi and Bhojpuri, but not in the necessarily in the same order. They like different colours, viz White, Yellow, Red, Black, Brown, Green and Pink, but not necessarily in the same order.

U, who likes Green, performed on the fourth day of the competition but performed neither Nepali nor English song. Two performances were held between the performance of U and T, neither of whom performed on the first day of the week. There was one performance between the performance of R and Q. Q’s performance did not happen either on 1st or on 3rd day the competition. Q likes yellow colour and performed Nepali song. The one who performed Marathi song on the last day of competition, likes red colour. P did not perform on the day either immediately before or immediately after the performance of R, who does not like either brown or white or black colour. S performed immediately after Q and he likes white colour. M does not like brown and performed a Bengali song. R did not perform either Bhojpuri or Punjabi song. The one who performed in Kannada was scheduled immediately after the performance of the Nepali singer.

6). Which of the following combination is definitely false regarding their schedule?

  1. Q-Yellow-Nepali
  2. R-Pink-English
  3. M-Black-Bengali
  4. U-Green-Marathi
  5. None of these


7). Who among the following performed on the fifth day of the competition?

  1. S
  2. T
  3. Q
  4. M
  5. None of these


8). Who sings Punjabi songs?

  1. U
  2. R
  3. P
  4. Either P or U
  5. None of these


9). If ‘U’ is related to ‘Yellow’, ‘S’ is related to’ Red’, then which of the following is ‘R’ related to?

  1. Brown
  2. Green
  3. Black
  4. Pink
  5. None of these


10). Which of the following combination is true?

  1. M’s performance was held on the fifth day of the week.
  2. S likes green colour.
  3. R sings Nepali song.
  4. S’s performance was scheduled before Q but after T.
  5. None of these


Direction(11-15): Select the correct word or phrase to complete a grammatical and idiomatic sentence.

11). Agriculture in America has _______ industrial progress.

  1. kept pace with
  2. kept paces along
  3. kept its pace for
  4. kept pace together with
  5. None of these


12). He is _____ if he does not meet this situation boldly.

  1. unworthy of his salt
  2. not worth his salt
  3. not of worth to his salt
  4. not worth of the salt
  5. None of these


13). I know I have a copy of the book you need, but at the moment, I can’t ______it.

  1. lay my hands on
  2. lie my hand
  3. lay my fingers on
  4. lay my hands to
  5. None of these


14). Due to industrial recession, retrenchment of jobs is ______ in big and small units alike.

  1. order for the day
  2. the daily order
  3. the order of the day
  4. the order every day
  5. None of these


15). It is due to lack of careful advance planning that your scheme has _____.

  1. come upon grief
  2. come out with grief
  3. come to grief
  4. come in grief
  5. None of these

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