Short Memory Tricks – List of Important Days in the Month of September

Short Memory Tricks – List of Important Days in the Month of September:

Dear Readers, List of Important Days in the Month of July were given here below along with short memory tricks. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive exams can make use of it.

Note: In the Upcoming days we will provide Short Memory Tricks for Important Days of all months, if you have any suggestions, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

Short Story to Memorize the List of Important Days in September

2 students were climbing on a coconut tree near the school. 5 teachers were noticed that incident. They call that students and advised them for 7 minutes and forgive them. The next day in the school 8 literate people came at 10’o clock to make awareness about anti – suicide day. They also gave 14 first aid boxes. 15 international engineers who were studied in that school were working in 16 different projects regarding ozone layer. 20 RPF personnel and 21 peace & nonviolence (UN) members also from that school started a home. They initially adopted 22 cancer patients, 23 deaf. They planned for a 27 days tour to 28 cities to make awareness about rabies and 29 health tips for healthy heart.

List of Important Days in September:

  • September 2 – World Coconut Day
  • September 5 – National Teacher’s Day or Dr. Radhakrishanan’s Birth Day, Sanskrit Day
  • September 7 – World Forgiveness Day
  • September 8 – World Literacy Day
  • September 10 – World Anti-Suicide Day
  • September 14 – Hindi Diwas or Hindi Day, World First Aid Day
  • September 15 – International Day of Democracy, International Engineer’s Day
  • September 16 – World Ozone Day
  • September 20 – RPF Foundation day
  • September 21 – World Peace Day or International day for Peace and Non-violence (UN), World Alzheimer’s Day
  • September 22 – World Cancer Free Day or Rose Day
  • September 23 – International Day of the Deaf
  • September 27 – World Tourism Day
  • September 28 – World Rabies Day
  • September 29 – World Heart Day

More Short Memory Tricks on Static GK:

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