Short Memory Tricks – List of Important Days in the Month of May

Short Memory Tricks – List of Important Days in the Month of May:
Dear Readers, List of Important Days in the Month of May were given here below along with short memory tricks. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive exams can make use of it. 

Note: In the Upcoming days we will provide Short Memory Tricks for Important Days of all months, if you have any suggestions, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

Short Story to Memorize the List of Important Days in May
2 Tuna fish wanted to attend the 3rd press freedom summit, along with 10 migratory birds on the 10th full moon day.11 National Technology devices are kept for monitoring the 15th International families, whose are the members of the 17 Telecommunication and information society. At the beginning of the summit 21 Anti-terrorist squads are giving speech about 21 cultural diversity for dialogue and development followed by 22 biological ideas are advised to 23 females to end obstetric fistula at the end of the summit 29 UN peacekeepers was awarded for find out 31 ways to implement No Tobacco scheme. 

List of Important Days in May:

·       2ndMay – World Tuna day
·       3rdMay – World Press Freedom day
·       10thMay – World Migratory Bird Day, “Vesak” the day of the Full Moon
·       11thMay – National Technology Day
·       15thMay – International day of Families
·       17thMay – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
·       21stMay – World Day for Cultural diversity for Dialogue and Development
·       22ndMay – International Day for Biological diversity
·       23rdMay – International Day to End Obstetric Fistula
·       29thMay – International Day of UN Peacekeepers
·       31stMay – World No Tobacco Day 

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