SSC CGL 2018 Practice Test Papers | General Knowledge (Day-4)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC CGL Exam 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CGL 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC CGL 2018 Examination.

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  1. What is the usage of uranium dating?

a) To determine the ages of wood fossils etc

b) To detection of atom bombs

c) To determine the ages of earth, minerals and rock

d) To used in fission and fusion in reactions

2. The father of modern chemistry is__________?

a) Dalton

b) Mendelleef

c) Roentgen

d) Lavoisier

3. Which of the following country not belongs to G7 Countried?

a) China

b) Japan

c) France

d) UK

4. The headquarters of International Olympic Committee is situated at

(a) Lausanne, Switzerland

(b) Geneva, Switzerland

(c) Zurich, Switzerland

(d) None of the above

  1. What is the ratio of the width of India’s National Flag to its length?

(a) Two to three

(b) One to two

(c) Three to four

(d) Two to five

  1. The first woman to conquer Mount Everest twice is

(a) Surja Lata Devi

(b) Jyoti Randhawa

(c) Santosh Yadav

(d) Suma Shirur

  1. The drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rock is termed as

(a) Trellis

(b) Dendritic

(c) Radial

(d) Deranged

  1. At the time of Indian Independence, who was the Prime Minister of England?

(a) William Bentick

(b) Warren Hasting

(c) Margaret Thatcher

(d) Clement Atlee

  1. India’s first DNA Forensic Laboratory is established in which of the city?

(a) Gurgaon

(b) Mumbai

(c) Delhi

(d) Kanpur

  1. What is the approximate height of a geostationary satellite from the surface of the earth?

(a) 981 km

(b) 15000 km

(c) 35000 km

(d) 55000 km


1). Answer: c

2). Answer: d

Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman and chemist central to the 18th-century chemical revolution and a large influence on both the history of chemistry and the history of biology. He is widely considered in popular literature as the “father of modern chemistry”.

3). Answer: A

The Group of Seven is a group consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

4). Answer: A

The International Olympic Committee (IOC; French: Comité Internationa lOlympique, CIO) is a Swiss private non-governmental organisation based in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is the authority responsible for the modern Olympic Games.

5). Answer: A

Design for size 900 x 600 mm. Proper ratio (2:3), size of Ashoka Chakra and colors. Adopted July 22, 1947. The National Flag of India is a horizontal tricolour of deep saffron [kesaria] at the top, white in the middle & dark green at the bottom in equal proportion.

6). Answer: C

Santosh Yadav is an Indian mountaineer. She is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest twice in less than a year. She first climbed the peak in May 1992 and then did it again in May 1993.

7). Answer: B

(b) A dendritic drainage pattern refers to the pattern formed by the streams, rivers, and lakes in a particular drainage basin. It usually looks like the branching pattern of tree roots and it mainly develops in regions underlain by homogeneous material.

8). Answer: D

Clement Attlee was the Prime Minister of England when India got Independence.

9). Answer: (a)

Global biotechnology company ‘Life Technologies’ has launched India’s first private DNA forensics laboratory in Gurgaon which is expected to accelerate sampling process thereby reducing the burden on existing forensic laboratories.

10). Answer: (c)

A geostationary satellite is a satellite whose orbit on the Earth repeats regularly over point on the Earth over time. The orbit of the satellite is known as geosynchronous/geostationary orbit. It has an approximate height of 35000 km from the surface of the Earth.

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