SSC Current Affairs Quiz – 27th & 28th June 2021

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Dear Aspirants, SSC Current Affairs quiz questions are available here. It will be very helpful to practice for various SSC exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, etc. Aspirants find it very hard to memorize and remember a large data of current affairs. To make it easier, you have to attend SSC current affairs quiz in a regular manner. As you attend quiz regularly, you can find and correct mistakes. This will help you to score more marks in the current affairs section of SSC exams. So, utilize the SSC current affairs quiz questions available here and practice in a regular manner. the SSC current affairs quiz questions available here are from the exam point of view. Also, after attending the quiz, you can check the solution along with the detailed explanation at the bottom. So, that you can learn all the
current affairs news in an effective manner.

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1) Which among the following Organisation has proclaimed June 26 as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking?

(a) UNGA


(c) WHO

(d) UNSC

2) The International Day in Support of Victims of Torture has been observed every year on June 26. In which year ,the day was observed first?

(a) 2000

(b) 1995

(c) 1991

(d) 1997

3) How much amount has been allotted by the Gujarat government as a subsidy for the purchase of three-wheelers under the ‘ Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy 2021’?

(a) Rs 20,000

(b) Rs 90,000

(c) Rs 50,000

(d) Rs 70,000

4) Which of the following state /UT has launched Mukhyamantri COVID19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata Yojana to avail the financial assistance for COVID19 related deaths?

(a) Ladakh

(b) Nagaland

(c) Gujarat

(d) Delhi

5) The software giant Microsoft has unveiled a new version Windows. What is the name of the new Windows?

(a) Windows 11.1

(b) Windows 11

(c) Windows 10.O

(d) Windows 12

6) Meenesh Shah, the Executive Director of which among the following organisation has given an additional charge as Chairman of the same organisation?


(b) NDS

(c) IDMC Ltd

(d) NDDB

7) Under the Smart City awards 2020, which among the following city has won the “Innovative Idea Award”?

(a) Vijayawada

(b) Indore

(c) Rajkot

(d) Ahmedabad

8) Which among the following airport has won the Excellence honour Award for Airport Service Quality by ACI?

(a) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

(b) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport

(c) Mangalore International Airport

(d) Cochin International Airport

9) Which among the following country has become the1st country to ratify International Solar Alliance Framework Agreement?

(a) Denmark

(b) Austria

(c) Saudi Arabia

(d) Fiji

10) Name the missile which has been developed by DRDO and test fired  from the Odisha Coast with a range of 1500 Km?

(a) Agni

(b) Vikram

(c) Nirbhay

(d) Akash

11) Which among the following country has planned to send its first crewed mission to Mars in 2033.

(a) Japan

(b) Russia

(c) US

(d) China

12) As per the ranking of India’s Top 50 Best Workplaces, NTPC has ranked at 38th position. What was its position in the previous year’s list? 

(a) 41st

(b) 47th

(c) 33rd

(d) 40th

13) A team of scientists has found a new species of frog called Euphlyctis Kerala in which among the following sanctuary?

(a) Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

(b) Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

(c) Pathiramanal Bird Sanctuary

(d) Thattekkad Bird sanctuary

14) At the ISSF World Cup,Saurabh Chaudhary has won a bronze medal in Air pistol under which among the following category?

(a) 10m

(b) 25m

(c) 50m

(d) 15m

15) Kaylee McKeown has broken the record of 100-meter backstroke at the Australian Olympic trials. She is associated with which game/Sports?

(a) Discus Throw

(b) Archery

(c) Swimming

(d) Javelin Throw

16) John McAfee , a founder of the antivirus software ,has passed away recently. He found the software in which among the following year?

(a) 1990

(b) 1985

(c) 1981

(d) 1987

Answers :

1) Answer: A

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It has been observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.

In 1987, the United Nations General Assembly decided to observe 26th June as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

This year, the theme of International Day Against Drug Abuse is ‘Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives’.

2) Answer: D

The United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture – 26 June is an international observance held annually to speak out against the crime of torture and to honour and support victims and survivors throughout the world.

The day was first observed by United Nations General Assembly in 1997 to raise awareness about the suffering of people who undergo torture.

3) Answer: C

The Gujarat government announced ‘Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy 2021’ to promote use of electric vehicles in the state.

It aims to bring at least 2 lakh electric vehicles on the state roads in the next four years.

The state government will provide a subsidy up to Rs 20,000 on purchase of an electric two-wheeler, Rs 50,000 for three-wheeler and Rs 1,50,000 on purchase of a four-wheeler. The subsidy will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of owners through direct benefit transfer.

4) Answer: D

The Delhi government has developed a portal through which families of COVID19 victims will apply for Mukhyamantri COVID19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata Yojana to avail financial assistance.

The government’s Social Welfare Department notified the scheme earlier this week under which Rs.50,000 ex-gratia will be given to every family that lost a member to COVID-19 and an additional Rs.2, 500 pension per month if the deceased was the sole breadwinner.

Children who lost their both parents or single parent to COVID-19 will also be provided Rs.2, 500 per month till they achieve 25 years of age. The Delhi government will also provide free education to them.

5) Answer: B

Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows 11, a new iteration of Windows that promises a host of visual upgrades, as well as new behaviours to the basic OS experience. The new Windows 11 will be released as a build for Windows Insiders next week.

Microsoft is also introducing Snap layouts to help users with multitasking on Windows 11. The new generation of Windows will also be more touch-friendly.

Windows 11 is a major release of the Windows NT operating system, announced on June 24, 2021, and developed by Microsoft.  Expected to be released in late 2021, it is the successor to Windows 10, released six years earlier.

6) Answer: D

Executive Director of the National Dairy Development Committee (NDDB) Meenesh Shah has been assigned additional responsibilities for the position of chairman of the dairy body for six months.

7) Answer: B

The Central government declared Smart City awards 2020 in which Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and Surat (Gujarat) won the award jointly for their overall development.

Uttar Pradesh emerged on the top among all states,followed by Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu under the Smart City award, 2020.

8) Answer: D

The Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) won the Airport Council International’s Director General’s Roll of Excellence honour for Airport Service Quality.

The ACI, a global body of airport operators established the Roll of Excellence recognition to those airports which, in the opinion of the passengers, have consistently delivered excellent services in the Airport Service Quality Survey.

The Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) has won a global award for quality of service.

9) Answer: A

Denmark signed the framework agreement of the International Solar Alliance Framework Agreement and Instrument of Ratification with India.

Kingdom of Denmark becomes 1st country to ratify International Solar Alliance Framework Agreement (ISA FA) after amendments to it entered into force on 8 January this year, opening its Membership to all Member States of the United Nations.

ISA is an alliance of over 120 countries initiated by India, most of them being sunshine countries which lie either completely or partly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

10) Answer: C

On June 24, 2021, The subsonic cruise missile ‘Nirbhay’ was successfully test-fired off the Odisha coast.

Nirbhay is a subsonic cruise missile designed and developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under the Ministry of Defence.

The missile having a range of 1500 KM. The missile is capable of carrying nuclear warheads upto 200 kg.

11) Answer: D

China plans to send its first crewed mission to Mars in 2033. It is a long-term plan to build a permanently inhabited base on the Red Planet and extract its resources.

It will intensify a race with the United States to plant humans on Mars. Crewed launches to Mars are planned for 2033, 2035, 2037, 2041.

12) Answer B

NTPC is the only PSU to consistently feature in India’s Top 50 Best Workplaces.  This year NTPC ranked 38th up from 47th position last year.

It also won its first-ever recognition of India’s Best Employers among Nation-Builders 2021”. The Maharatna Community and Public Sector Unit (CPSU) have once again featured in India’s top 50 ‘Best Workplaces’.

13) Answer: D

A new species of skittering frog Euphlyctis Kerala has been identified from the surroundings of the Thattekkad bird sanctuary.

A team of researchers from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Mount Carmel Faculty (MCC), Bengaluru, and Nationwide Institute of Science Training and Analysis (NISER), Bhubaneswar.

The new species is named in honour of the exceptional biodiversity of the State. The new species Published in the Worldwide Journal Zootaxa printed from New Zealand.

14) Answer: A

On June 24, 2021, Tokyo-bound shooter Saurabh Chaudhary won a bronze medal at the 10m air pistol event at the ISSF World Cup in Osijek.

The event is the Indian shooting team”s final competitive outing before the Olympics in Tokyo.

Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar finished seventh in the men’s 10m air rifle final.Manu Bhakrer finished seventh in the women’s 10m air pistol event.

15) Answer: C

Australian Swimmer Kaylee McKeown broke the 100-meter backstroke world record at the Australian Olympic trials.

Emily Seebohm came second to qualify for her fourth Olympic Games.

McKeown beat the previous world record held by the United States swimmer Regan Smith who made the record within a time of 57:57.

16) Answer: D

On June 23, 2021, the founder of the antivirus software, John McAfee Passed away. He was 75.

McAfee became a prominent booster of cryptocurrencies. He was a British-American computer programmer, businessman, and two-time presidential candidate.

In 1987, he wrote the first commercial anti-virus software.

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