SSC English Practice Questions – (Day-2)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC CGL Exams 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates, those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC CGL Exams 2018 Examination.

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Direction (1 – 3): Select the most appropriate meanings of the bold idiomatic phrase:

1) I was supposed to give a speech to my English class, but I got cold feet and I didn’t go.

a) My English class- room makes my feet feel cold.

b) My feet got cold so didn’t go.

c) I got too nervous and I didn’t go.

d) It was winter time and I had no socks for my feet.

2) Take care of what you say; you will have to eat your words.

a) You have no food to eat

b) You will have to take back what you have said.

c) You are not good with your language

d) None of the above

3) Which of the following two sentences convey the same idea?

  1. Which two sentences convey the same idea?
  2. I wonder if they should have checked your tickets.
  3. I want to know if they checked your tickets.
  4. They should have checked your tickets.

a) 2 – 3

b) 1 – 2

c) 1 – 4

d) 2 – 4

Direction: (4 – 6): Choose the correct alternative to complete the meaning of the given sentence

4) The ____________ managed to deceive the entire village

a) Renegade

b) Sycophant

c) Charlatan

d) Actor

5) She ordered the taxi driver, ‘Drive fast, ____________?

a) Won’t you

b) Will you

c) You must

d) can’t you

6) Her written statement failed to be consistent ……………….. what she had said earlier.

a) On

b) With

c) In

d) To

7) Choose the antonym nearest in meaning to the word. Facetious:

a) Serious

b) Uneasy

c) Pleasant

d) Cross

8) Which one of the correct alternative is spelt correctly?

a) Extacy

b) Ecstasy

c) Ecstacy

d) Extasy

9) Choose the correct alternative that best explains the following idiom.

Writing on the wall

a) Graffiti

b) Obvious truth

c) Foreboding

d) Prediction

10) Choose the correct set of alternatives to fill in the blanks.

Although many of the members were ……………. About the impending deal, others were ………….about the benefits it would bring.

a) Euphoric , confident

b) Optimistic, dubious

c) Angry, skeptical

d) Confused, pleased

Direction (11 – 15): There is a sentence given below which is divided into four parts. There is an error in any part of the sentence. From the given options, find out the part which contain error

11)  He reminded me

(a) / that he had

(b) / often told me not to

(c) / play with fire.

(d) / No Error.

12) Our country need

(a) a number of

(b) / self sacrificing and

(c) / devoted political leaders

(d) / No Error

13) The new railway line will greatly improve

(a) / transport and communication

(b) / in eastern part

(c) / of the country

(d) / No Error

14) The receptionist asked me

(a) / who do I want

(b) / to meet

(c) / in the office

(d) / No Error

15) As soon as the peon rings

(a) / the first bell,

(b) / then all the students should assemble

(c) / on the playground for prayer.

(d) / No Error

Answers :

Direction (1-3) :

1) Answer: c)

The idiom ‘to get cold feet’ means to become very nervous or to lose courage.

2) Answer: b)

To eat one’s words’ means to retract or withdraw what one has said.

3) Answer:  c)

Direction (4-6) :

4) Answer: c)

‘Charlatan’ is a quack or fraud. A fraud deliberately deceives people. So, charlatan fits appropriately in the given sentence. ‘Renegade’ is a deserter. ‘Sycophant’ is a person who uses flattery to win favour form individuals wielding influence.  Though flattery may involve deception, but (c) is a better choice.

5) Answer: d)

The lady is ordering the taxi driver, so ‘can’t you’ is appropriate. ‘won’t you’ is incorrect as it is polite and doesn’t suit the tone of the sentence. ‘Will you’ is used to seek permission but that is not the case here. ‘You must’ cannot be used as a question tag. Hence, (d) is correct.

6) Answer: b)

‘Consistent’ here shows that there should be some relation between her written statements and what she had said earlier. So, consistent will be followed by ‘with’.

7) Answer: a)

‘Facetious’ means humorous. ‘Serious’ is an antonym of humorous.

8) Answer: b)

9) Answer: c)

Writing on the wall’ means imminent doom or misfortune.

10) Answer: b)

Since the sentences starts with ‘Although’, so the two words should be antonyms as ‘although’ indicates comparison.

The rules out options (a) and (c). Option (d) can be negated because people cannot be pleased about the benefits.

Using ‘Pleased’ to describe reaction against’ benefits’ is inappropriate. Option (b) correctly fits in. ‘Optimistic’ is positive and ‘dubious’ pertains to doubtful.

Direction (11-15) :

11) Answer: b)

Replace ‘has’ by ‘had’

12) Answer: a)

Replace ‘need’ by ‘needs’. Subject ‘our country’ is singular.

13) Answer: c)

Place ‘the’ before ‘eastern’

14) Answer: b)

Replace ‘who do I want’ by ‘whom I wanted ‘. In indirect narration, the sentence is changed to Assertive.

15) Answer: c)

Use of ‘then’ is superfluous.


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