SSC English Practice Questions (Day-81)

Dear Aspirants, English Language is an important section for all the competitive exams that occupy an inseparable part. Generally, most of the candidates have lost their marks in this section. This is due to the unawareness of the english section on how to prepare smartly. English section is nothing but it needs to be strong in basic grammar, vocabulary and reading skills. If you are having those skills surely you will score good marks in the examinations. But even though you have the skill, you must practice it regularly then only it will be retained with you. So for your practice purpose, here we have given the questions based on the english language. We have tried to cover all the topics under the latest updated syllabus and exam pattern.

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Direction (1-5): In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

1) a green horn

(a) an inexperienced man

(b) a dangerous man

(c) suspicious man

(d) a wise person

2) to paddle one’e own canoe

(a) thoughtful

(b) manage independently

(c) to praise oneself

(d) working vigorously

3) to keep the pot

(a) to sharper my wits

(b) to be cautious

(c) to keep controversy alive

(d) to repent

4) to beat the air

(a) to settle a dispute

(b) to gamble

(c) to make efforts that are useless

(d) to try to do the impossible

5) threw a spanner

(a) reverie

(b) disinterested

(c) sabotage

(d) boasting

Direction (6-10): Improve the bracketed part of the sentence.

6) Sunil didn’t pay any heed to his superior’s instructions, (I did neither).

(a) nor did I

(b) neither didn’t I

(c) I either did

(d) No improvement

7) The Arabian Nights (have been written) by Edward William Lane.

(a) are being written

(b) has been written

(c) have written

(d) No improvement

8) Ashina (hesitated to listen to) what her elder sister was saying.

(a) hesitating to listen to

(b) hesitates in listening to

(c) hesitate listened to

(d) No improvement

9) Nitin assured Ankit that he (would look at) his work while he was on leave.

(a) would over look

(b) would look after

(c) will look

(d) No improvement

10) (When the weather was) cold, I wear monkey cap.

(a) When weather is

(b) When the weather is

(c) While the weather is

(d) No improvement

Answers :

1) Answer: A

a green horn: a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity.

2) Answer: B

to paddle one’s own canoe: be independent and self-sufficient.

3) Answer: C

to keep the pot: to keep controversy alive

4) Answer: C

to beat the air: Continue to make futile attempts

5) Answer: C

threw a spanner: to do something that prevents a plan or activity from succeeding

6) Answer: A

inversion need to be used to add extra Information and while adding that “nor” should be used.

7) Answer: B

“The Arabian Nights” is the name of a book which is singular thus with that singular helping verb should be used. Thus, “have been written” should be replaced with “has been written”.

8) Answer: D

No Improvement

9) Answer: B

“look after” is the correct word to choose as it means “to take care of”

10) Answer: A

As the statement is a general statement thus, it should be written in simple present tense.

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