SSC General Knowledge Questions (Day-48)

Dear Aspirants, General Knowledge is one of the most interesting sections that has been asked in various competitive exams. This section is used to increase your overall scores. The general knowledge section consists of current affairs, static gk, history, geography, general science, polity, economics etc. This section consists of a vast syllabus but it is easily scorable. Here we have updated all the topics related to the latest updated syllabus and exam pattern on a daily basis. Candidates can make your preparation process, try to cover the entire syllabus, and revise the overall preparation before the examination. So candidates shall start to prepare for the upcoming examinations and keep ready to face and get success in your career.


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1) In which year ‘Project Tiger’ was launched?

(a) 1973

(b) 1982

(c) 1993

(d) 1962

2) Which of the following is non-biodegradable?

I) Glass

II) Cotton

III) Paper

(a) Only I

(b) I and III

(c) II and III

(d) I, II and III

3) The agricultural ministry has unveiled ‘A.P.M.C. Act 2017’ which has defined each state/UT as a ______.

(a) Single unified market

(b) Multiple unified markets

(c) Single diversified market

(d) Multiple diversified Market

4) Who amongst the following discovered ‘electron’?

(a) Archimedes

(b) Roald Amundsen

(c) J. J. Thomson

(d) Rudolf Diesel

5) ‘Him Gold Cup’ is related to which sport?

(a) Cricket

(b) Boxing

(c) Hockey

(d) Volleyball

6) Which of the following pair is incorrect?

(a) Sanjukta Panigarhil – Odissi Dance

(b) Shiv kumar Sharma – Flute

(c) Raja Ravi Verma – Painter

(d) Ustad Vilayat Khan – Sitar

7) Which album received the ‘Album of the year’ award at the 59thAnnual Grammy Awards?

(a) 25

(b) Lemonade

(c) Purpose

(d) Views

8) ‘KhullamKhulla’ is an autobiography of which famous actor?

(a) Shatrughan Sinha

(b) Mithun Chakarborty

(c) Jeetendra

(d) Rishi Kapoor

9) India and Turkey have signed three agreements in the fields of ICT, training and ______ on May 1, 2017.

(a) Trade

(b) Culture

(c) Education

(d) Agriculture

10) New oil terminal to be built at Motihari in Bihar will supply fuel to ______.

(a) Myanmar

(b) Bhutan

(c) China

(d) Nepal

Answers :

1) Answer: A

Project Tiger is a tiger conservation programme launched on 1 April 1973 by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s tenure.

2) Answer: A

Cotton and paper are biodegradable, it is substance or object) capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.

3) Answer: A

The Agriculture Ministry has come up with a new model Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act proposing single-point levy of market fee across a State and a united single trading licence for cost-effectiveness of transactions.

4) Answer: C

Joseph John Thomson  is widely recognized as the discoverer of the electron. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1906.

5) Answer: C

Him Gold Cup  is a National Women’s Hockey Tournament .

6) Answer: B

Pandit Shivkumar Sharma is an Indian santoor player from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The santoor is a folk instrument.

7) Answer: A

‘Album of the year’ award at the 59thAnnual Grammy Awards is 25.

8) Answer: D

‘KhullamKhulla’ is an autobiography of Rishi Kapoor.

9) Answer: B

IndiaTurkey sign three agreements in the fields of ICT, training and culture.

10) Answer: D

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) plans to build a new oil terminal at Motihari in Bihar to supply fuel to neighbour Nepal through the planned pipeline up to Amlekganj in Nepal.

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