SSC General Knowledge Questions (Day-66)

Dear Aspirants, General Knowledge is one of the most interesting sections that has been asked in various competitive exams. This section is used to increase your overall scores. The general knowledge section consists of current affairs, static gk, history, geography, general science, polity, economics etc. This section consists of a vast syllabus but it is easily scorable. Here we have updated all the topics related to the latest updated syllabus and exam pattern on a daily basis. Candidates can make your preparation process, try to cover the entire syllabus, and revise the overall preparation before the examination. So candidates shall start to prepare for the upcoming examinations and keep ready to face and get success in your career.

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1) Stalagmite is a kind of special deposition that is caused by which of the following?

(a) Glacier

(b) Wind

(c) Surface water

(d) Underground water

2) Which of the following water current is not a cold current?

(a) Humbolt current

(b) Brazil current

(c) Oyashio current

(d) Canary current

3) Which of the following clouds are responsible for rainfall?

(a) Cumulonimbus

(b) Cumulostratus

(c) Cumulocirrus

(d) Altocumulus

4) Which of the following cell organelle is also called as ‘Suicidal Bag of Cell’?

(a) Mitochondria

(b) Nucleus

(c) Nucleolus

(d) Lysosomes

5) Where is Stapes bone found in human body?

(a) Fingers

(b) Nose

(c) Ears

(d) Thumb

6) Which of the following protein is found in nails?

(a) Histone

(b) Keratin

(c) Elastin

(d) Actin

7) Bamboo is a type of _____.

(a) Herb

(b) Tree

(c) Shrub

(d) Grass

8) Which among the following has open circulatory system?

I) Cockroach

II) Human

III) Prawn

(a) I and II

(b) I and III

(c) II and III

(d) Only III

9) How many canine teeth are there in adult human?

(a) 2

(b) 8

(c) 6

(d) 4

10) Which of the following is CORRECT about Moon’s gravitation?

(a) Moon’s gravitation = 1/6th of Earth’s gravitation

(b) Moon’s gravitation = 1/6th of Mars gravitation

(c) Moon’s gravitation = 1/8th of Earth’s gravitation

(d) Moon’s gravitation = 1/8th of Mars gravitation

Answers :

1) Answer: D

A Stalagmite is a cave formation that rises from the floor of a cave and may be made of minerals, ice, lava, sand, peat, and other materials. They are formed by the accumulation of material dripping from the ceiling of caves.It is formed due to droplets of underground water.

2) Answer: B

The Brazil Current is a warm water current that flows south along the Brazilian south coast to the mouth of the Rio de la Plata.

3) Answer: A

Cumulonimbus clouds and Nimbostratus clouds bring continuous precipitation that can last for many hours. “Nimbus” comes from the Latin word for “rain”.

4) Answer: D

Lysosomes are called suicide bags of the cells because they contain digestive enzymes to digest the food taken by cell and if these enzymes spread in the cell or the membrane of lysosomes break down then the digestive enzymes digest the whole cell and the cell dies.

5) Answer: C

Stapes bone found in Ears.

6) Answer: B

Keratin is found in nails and hairs.

7) Answer: D

Bamboo is a member of the Poaceae plant family, a family of grass plants.

8) Answer: B

The open circulatory system is common to molluscs and arthropods. Open circulatory systems (evolved in crustaceans, insects, mollusks and other invertebrates) pump blood into a hemocoel with the blood diffusing back to the circulatory system between cells. Cockroach and prawn have open circulatory system.

9) Answer: D

An adult person who has all his or her adult teeth should have a total of 32 teeth. These include 8 incisor teeth, 4 canine teeth, 8 premolars, and 12 molars. The 4 wisdom teeth are among the molars.

10) Answer: A

Gravitation on Moon’s surface is 1/6th of earth gravitation.

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