Telangana Formation Day 2021: Check Date & History

Telangana Formation Day 2021: Telangana Formation Day is celebrated on 2nd June. This day is dedicated to the youngest state of India. To start with, Telangana is known as the youngest state which was established on 2nd June 2014. It is the 29th state of India, and it will complete eleven years of its formation in the year 2021. Besides the celebration of statehood, Telangana Formation Day 2021 will also honor the individual for their contributions to the field of science, literature, and the arts. Telangana Formation Day 2021 will be celebrated this Wednesday and every district of that state will witness formalities. But amid a surge of COVID, celebrations will be performed under certain restrictions this year.


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The Telangana formation Day is brimming with rich history and should receive an honorable mention. The struggle to form a separate state was not new in any way, it started back in the 1950s. Let’s look back into the history of Telangana Formation Day 2021 to get detailed information about this day.


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Telangana Formation Day 2021: History

The States Reorganization Commission had suggested that Hyderabad should be preserved as a separate state, but there was no action for the same. This also resulted in social tensions, and the Telangana leaders have accused the Andhra government of colonizing the region. They also accused that there was no investment in the field of infrastructure. In 1956 Telangana merged with Andhra and it was known as Andhra Pradesh. It was a state in which the population speaks the Telugu language.


But still, peace was not established. An agitation broke out in the year 1969 related to the separation of Telangana. There was another agitation in 1972 after the first one, this time the main concern was on the separation of Andhra Pradesh. The students, social groups, and govt employees led the disruption of 1969. As a consequence, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi prepared a formula to increase the backward regions, commonly known as the “six-point formula”. The Prime Minister was not in support of the separate state idea, and the Telangana movement came to an end eventually.


But the movement did not subside. The individual again started demanding separate statehood in the mid-1990s with huge protests. Sri Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao arranged for a hunger strike that demanded the separate state of Telangana on 29th November 2009. But that resulted in his arrest and he was put into Khammam jail. The statehood movement escalated and it broke out like a fire with every individual jumping on the fire. After the huge number of protests, the bill of statehood was passed by the UPA government in 2014. In April, the elections were conducted, and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi won it and eventually formed their government. After such a huge and glorious battle for statehood, the symbol of Telangana formation Day 2021 mainly showcases the victory of every person who participated in the battle.


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Telangana Formation Day 2021 Significance

As it can be concluded from history, this day has played a huge role for the residents of Telangana. The Telangana Movement’s success has led to Telangana Formation Day 2021. The Chief Minister celebrates this day by flag hoisting followed by a parade that is also held on the grounds. But due to the increasing cases of COVID-19, this year there will be no celebrations, unlike previous years.


According to the tradition, the national flag will be unfolded but other than other celebrations will be done following COVID rules and social distancing norms. The celebrations of Telangana formation day 2021 are expected to start on 2nd June at 9 am, and the national flag will be unfolded in every district of the state. As per the Flag Code 2002, no plastic flags will be allowed. This day is known to remember the contribution of the martyrs in the Telangana Movement and tributes will be offered in their honor.


Not more than ten people will be allowed to gather on this day as per the precaution and they all need to follow the measures while attending the event. Proper Sanitization of the venue will be done before the commencement of the celebration. No prize distribution will happen for Telangana formation day 2021 due to the outspread of COVID-19. 

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