The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – Day 21

Dear Readers, Here we have given The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary helpful for Upcoming Bank PO, SSC and all Competitive Exams. Explore The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary to score good marks in English Section. Start practising this vocabulary to increase your word power. While reading a passage you have to highlight tough words in it and analyse the correct meaning of those words. This will help you understand the passage clearly and also you can learn more new words, it means also you can develop your vocabulary. To help you in this part we have provided an English Vocabulary passage along with meaning, synonyms and usages of hard words in the passage, make use of it.

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1) Fledgling (Noun) — अनुभवहीन मनुष्य

Definition: A person or organization that is immature, inexperienced, or underdeveloped.

Synonyms: Emerging, Emergent

Antonyms: Declining, Mature

Usage: The fledgling IBC has been severely tested in the two years since its enactment.


2)  Stifled (Verb) — गला घोंटना

Definition: Make (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate.

Synonyms: Suffocate, Choke, Asphyxiate

Antonyms: Cold, Chilly

Usage: One of its better economic initiatives being stifled by vested interests.


3) Mount (Verb) — चढ़ना

Definition: Climb up (stairs, a hill, or other rising surface).

Synonyms: Go up, Ascend, Climb, Climb up, Scale,

Antonyms: Descend

Usage: One of the major challenges mounted against the IBC was by operational creditors, who are owed money by the company in the normal course of operations for supply of goods and services.


4) Stymie (Verb) — प्रतिबाधित करना

Definition: Prevent or hinder the progress of.

Synonyms: Impede, Interfere with, Hamper, Hinder, Obstruct

Antonyms: Assist, Help

Usage: With the Supreme Court now ruling that there are “intelligible differentia” between operational and financial creditors, an avenue that defaulters used to stymie proceedings has been closed.


5) Recalcitrant (Adjective) — आज्ञा न माननेवाला

Definition: Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline

Synonyms: Uncooperative, Intractable, Unmanageable, Ungovernable, Refractory, and Insubordinate

Antonyms: Amenable, Docile, Compliant

Usage: This constitutes a clear signal of its backing for the IBC which, despite all the challenges that it has faced, has been successful in sending a message to recalcitrant defaulters that there can be no more business-as-usual when they default.


6) Enervate (Verb) – कमज़ोर बनाना

Definition: Make (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.

Synonyms: Exhaust, Tire, Fatigue, Weary

Antonyms: Invigorate

Usage: Novak Djokovic, at his absolute best, can make even the most fiercely competitive of draws appear enervated.


7) Gritty (Adjective) — किरकिरा

Definition: Showing courage and resolve.

Synonyms: Courageous, Brave, Plucky, Mettlesome

Usage: To be sure, Djokovic had lost in each of the three tournaments before the Australian Open — to rising youngsters in Karen Khachanov and Alexander Zverev, and the gritty Roberto Bautista Agut


8) Astonish (Verb) — चकित करना

Definition: Surprise or impress (someone) greatly.

Synonyms:  Amaze, Astound, Stagger, Surprise


Usage: First in 25 finals for the Spaniard, proved that the 31-year-old had lost none of his astonishing powers of recovery.


9) Elite (Noun) — अभिजात वर्ग

Definition: A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

Synonyms: Best, Pick, Cream, Flower

Antonyms: Dregs

Usage: The tournament seemed open to further upsets, but the business end demonstrated that the elite can never be written off.


10) Gallant (Adjective) – वीर या बहादूर

Definition: (of a person or their behaviour) brave; heroic.

Synonyms: Brave, Courageous, Valiant, Valorous, Bold

Antonyms: Cowardly

Usage: On the women’s side, this clash has seemed heightened in recent years, and Naomi Osaka, with her gallant three-set win over Petra Kvitova in the final, firmly established herself as the next big thing.

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