The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – Day 51

Dear Readers, Here we have given The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary helpful for Upcoming Bank PO, SSC and all Competitive Exams. Explore The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary to score good marks in English Section. Start practising this vocabulary to increase your word power. While reading a passage you have to highlight tough words in it and analyse the correct meaning of those words. This will help you understand the passage clearly and also you can learn more new words, it means also you can develop your vocabulary. To help you in this part we have provided an English Vocabulary passage along with meaning, synonyms and usages of hard words in the passage, make use of it.

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1) Privilege (Noun) — विशेषाधिकार

Definition: A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

Synonyms: Advantage, Right, Benefit, Prerogative

Antonyms: Burden, Duty, Obligation

Usage: India must not underestimate the impact of the U.S. withdrawal of trade privileges.


2) Escalate (Verb) — तेजी से वृद्धि होना

Definition: Increase rapidly.

Synonyms: Increase rapidly, Soar, Rocket

Antonyms: Plunge

Usage: India-U.S. trade tensions escalated last year when the U.S. took two consecutive decisions to increase import tariffs on steel and aluminium.


3) Retaliate (Verb) — प्रतिशोध लेना

Definition: To punish in kind the wrongdoer responsible for

Synonyms: Avenge, Redress, Requite

Antonyms: Absolve, Condone, Excuse

Usage: Shortly after, India said it would impose retaliatory tariffs on imports from the U.S. and even notified the list of items on which these would apply.


4) Frustrate (Verb) — निराश करना

Definition: Prevent (a plan or attempted action) from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled.

Synonyms: Thwart, Defeat, Foil, Block, Stop,

Antonyms: Help, Facilitate

Usage: The rescue attempt was frustrated by bad weather.


5) Figurehead (Noun) — कल्पित सरदार

Definition: A nominal leader or head without real power.

Synonyms: Frontman, Cipher, Token, Mouthpiece,

Usage: Islamist insurgents and the military, has remained a figurehead in recent years.


6) Thumping (Adjective) — बहुत बड़ा

Definition: Of an impressive size, extent, or amount.

Synonyms: Extremely, Very, Really, Thoroughly,

Antonyms: Meagerly, Scantily

Usage: That, however, did not stop him from contesting the 2014 elections, which he won with a thumping majority, despite being out of action on the campaign trail.


7) Mockery (Noun) — मज़ाक

Definition: A poor, insincere, or insulting imitation of something

Synonyms: Caricature, Cartoon, Farce

Antonyms: Applause, Approval, Commendation, Praise

Usage: The military could be making a mockery of the electoral process by insisting on Mr. Bouteflika’s candidacy, in effect undermining the highest elected office.


8) Imply (Verb) — ध्वनित होना

Definition: Indicate the truth or existence of (something) by suggestion rather than explicit reference.

Synonyms: Implicit, Indirect

Antonyms: Explicit, Direct

Usage: For the U.S., ‘denuclearisation’ is frontend loaded, implying complete, verifiable and irreversible disarmament that requires North Korea to bring nuclear military activity to a halt.


9) Queer (Verb) — बिगाड़ना या बर्बाद करना

Definition: Spoil or ruin (an agreement, event, or situation).

Synonyms: Spoil, Damage, Impair, Harm

Antonyms: Apathetic, Casual, Cool, Detached

Usage: The pitch was queered by intelligence reports surfacing that in addition to the principal nuclear facility (Yongbyon).


10) Vulnerable (Adjective) — जो सहज में घायल हो सके

Definition: Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

Synonyms: Endangered, Unsafe and  Unprotected

Antonyms: Well protected, Invulnerable, Resilient

Usage: With economic troubles at home and hardliners in Seoul accusing him of being over-optimistic and naive, he is vulnerable.

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