The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – Day 151

Dear Readers, Here we have given The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary helpful for Upcoming Bank PO, SSC and all Competitive Exams. Explore The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary to score good marks in English Section. Start practicing this vocabulary to increase your word power. While reading a passage you have to highlight tough words in it and analyse the correct meaning of those words. This will help you understand the passage clearly and also you can learn more new words, it means also you can develop your vocabulary. To help you in this part we have provided an English Vocabulary passage along with meaning, synonyms and usages of hard words in the passage, make use of it.

Daily Hindu Editorial Analysis:

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1)  incontrovertible (verb) –

Meaning: Not capable of being denied, challenged, or disputed; Not capable of being

denied, challenged, or disputed

Synonyms: certain, indisputable, sure, irrefutable, certain, indisputable, sure,


Antonyms: questionable, answerable, arguable, contradictable

Usage:  The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible.


2) Spar (verb) –

Meaning: Argue with someone without marked hostility; agree give in concur make


Synonyms: argue, dispute, quarrel, row, squabble, bicker

Antonyms: agree, give in, concur, make peace

Usage: Frank compares the situation to that of male elks who use their antlers to spar

with other males for mating rights.


3) simmer (verb) –

Meaning: To cook in liquid; Become burnt when exposed to heat or a flame

Synonyms; churns, cooks, scorches, parches

Antonyms– cools, freezes, soothes

Usage: In a society where a feudal sense of entitlement simmers beneath a veneer of

economic modernity, aspirational upper castes with bottled up resentments are legion in

every domain.


4) Parlous (verb) –

Meaning: Full of danger or risk; In a dire state; Likely to injure or damage

Synonyms: harmful, damaging, dangerous, dire, appalling, critical, dangerous, risky,

hazardous, perilous

Antonyms: harmless, innocent, innocuous, nonhazardous

Usage: When you realise his parlous financial state at the time, it seems less of a

coincidence and unhappily more of a put-up job.


5) Restive (noun) –

Meaning: Unable to rest or relax due to stress or worry; Showing enthusiasm or

displaying positive energy about something

Synonyms:  excited, enthusiastic, eager, buoyant, restless, uneasy, agitated, edgy,


Antonyms: calm, restful, content, peaceful

Usage:  He could tell Emily was restive, eager to belt on her chatelaine’s keys and rush

off to primp the cushions.


6) Accentuate (noun) –

Meaning:  Make more noticeable or prominent; to increase in degree, amount, size, or


Synonyms: intensify, enhance, magnify, strengthen

Antonyms: camouflage, blanket, enshroud, downplay, understate, cover

Usage: He also uplit the upper facades of the building to accentuate the tower’s



7) Inviolable (noun) –

Meaning:  Never to be broken, infringed, or dishonoured; Too powerful to be defeated

or overcome

Synonyms: invincible, durable, stable, impregnable, sacrosanct, sacred, holy,

hallowed, untouchable

Antonyms: partial, breakable, violable

Usage: During the First World War, the symbol of the Red Cross was seen as inviolable.


8) Queer (Adj) –

Meaning: Deviating from what is considered normal; Slightly ill; Having extreme or

relentless concern or interest in; Crazy or behaving irrationally;

Synonyms: batty, demented, obsessed, absorbed, fixated, ill, queasy, faint, odd,

strange, curious, funny, peculiar

Antonyms: ordinary, common, normal, certain, conventional

Usage: I glanced askance at this strange creature, and found him watching me with his

queer, restless eyes.


9) Condign (verb) –

Meaning:  Fitting, appropriate, deserved, especially denoting punishment;

Appropriate, relevant, or significant;

Synonyms: happy, apposite, deserved, just, merited, appropriate

Antonyms: undeserved, undue, unfair, unjust

Usage: I may pity him, and even understand his motives, but a murderer is still

deserving of condign punishment.


10) Lumpen (verb) –

Meaning: Of or relating to the lumpen proletariat; highborn highbred lofty noble

Synonyms: lowly, common, humble, plebeian low

Antonyms: highborn, highbred, lofty noble

Usage: The lumpen and guilt-stricken driver, on the other hand, is as made for the task.

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