Time To Reopen Delhi , Says CM Arvind Kejriwal | COVID 19 Relaxation Details Here

The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that it is time to reopen Delhi. People have to live with corona virus. Also some relief measures will come into the effect immediately. Check the complete details here.

COVID-19 All Over the World:

The corona virus has attacked over 35 lakh people all over the world. The USA is heavily affected and  have the highest number of deaths among all the other nations. Italy, Spain, France and Germany are the most affected European nations.

  • Total cases all over the world – 3567005
  • Total death all over the world – 248313
  • Recovered people all over the world – 1157018
Country Total cases Total deaths Total people recovered
USA 1188421 68602 178594
Spain 247122 25264 148558
Italy 210717 28884 81654
UK 186599 28446 N/A
France 168693 24895 50784
Germany 165664 6866 132700
Russia 134687 1280 16639
Turkey 126045 3397 63151
Brazil 101826 7051 42991
Iran 97424 6203 78422
China 82880 4633 77766
Canada 59474 3682 24908
Belgium 49906 7844 12309


COVID-19 in India:

In India also, the disease is spreading in a steady rate. As of now, the national lockdown is under the process to stop the COVID-19 spread. The details of COVID-19 damages in India are given below.

  • Total cases in India – 42670
  • Total death cases in India – 1395
  • Total people recovered in India – 11782

Time to Reopen Delhi – Says CM Arvind Kejriwal:

In India all the states are affected by the COVID-19 disease. The central and state governments are taking all the measures to save the affected people. Now many people in India are cured, and the government is seeing it as a positive sign. But still lockdown is needed to completely destroy the coronavirus, In the meantime, the Delhi Chief Minister said that the time has arrived to reopen the Delhi. He said the following points in media,

  • The Delhi government will suggest the central government to declare only the containment areas as the red zones.
  • The entire district should not come under the red zone. Till now, 11 districts are declared as red zones in the Delhi.
  • Time has come to reopen Delhi. We will have to be ready to live with coronavirus. We will have to get used to it.
  • It is impossible to make the coronavirus spread nil. Because in no parts of the world the COVID-19 cases have become zero. The spread will continue to happen.
  • So people should be ready to live with the corona virus. A number of relief measure will come into force to treat the patients.
  • The lock down will be in the effect for another 2 weeks.

This is the complete speech of Arvind Kejriwal to the media.

CRPF Headquarters Sealed:

In the meantime, as per the report, there is a record increase of 83 deaths and 2487 positive cases on Sunday alone. Maharashtra is the leading state in case of number of affected people and number of deaths (521). Nearly 31% of affected people belongs to Maharashtra. The top 3 states with high number of affected cases are,

  • Maharashtra – 12296 cases
  • Gujarat – 5055 cases
  • Delhi – 4122 cases

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) headquarters in New Delhi reported two positive cases. So the CRPF headquarters is sealed.

Also the Border Security Force (BSF), also reported 25 new positive cases on the Sunday alone. The total members affected in the BSF raised to 42. This is due to the 126th battalion of the force, deployed in the Jama Masjid and Chandni Mahal areas of Delhi.

More of the front-line defence members are affected by the disease. So the central government suggested the states to use the second line of defence, such as home guards, civil defence, and NCC cadets to contain the spread of COVID-19.


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