Important Tips to Crack IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Prelims Examination

Important Tips to Crack IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Prelims Examination:

Dear Aspirants, approximately 10 days left for the IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Preliminary examination, we hope that all of you have prepared and preparing well for it. You all must be worried about the exam, so here we are presenting some last minute tips and strategy to brush up your skill. This strategy will definitely help you in boosting your score and getting your cut off clear and will get you selected for the IBPS RRB mains exam.

Be familiar with the pattern of IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Prelims Examination-

Mostly students knew the pattern of IBPS RRB Officers Prelims exam but here again we are telling you about the exam pattern.

  • 40 questions from Reasoning Ability and 40 questions of Quantitative Aptitude total time duration is 45 minutes.
  • According to calculation there will be 33 seconds for each questions. So every second is precious during the exam.
  • There is no sectional time limit in the question paper and you can jump to any section any time but time is very less so we will not advice you for jumping the section because it will waste your time.
  • First section will be of reasoning and it’s better to start with reasoning, after completing reasoning part you can move on to the quantitative aptitude section.

Time division is very important in IBPS RRB Scale-1 Prelims Exam:-

  • There are only 2 sections in the questions so division of time is also important, divide the time in 2 pars one is of 20 minutes and another one is of 25 minutes.
  • Now it’s depends on you, for which section you going to spend 20 minutes and for which section you going to spend 25 minutes. We advice to spend 25minutes for the section in which you are strong, for example if you are strong in reasoning than give 25 minutes for it and if you are strong in quantitative aptitude give 25 minutes for it. Here why we are saying to focus more on your strong section because in examination your only aim is to get maximum marks not to overcome your weakness.

What should be the minimum attempt for getting selected in IBPS RRB Officers Scale-1 Prelims Examination-

  • In IBPS RRB exam cut off will vary according to the state and last year cut off varies from 45 to 57. As competition is increased day by day so we can expect the maximum (maximum in any state) cut off this year around 60-62. To get 62 marks in IBPS RRB Prelims Exam you need to attempt 70 questions because probability of getting any wrong is very less because both sections are based on facts and figures. So no need to do any blind attempt if you attempted only 65 without any blind attempt than it’s also good. So attempting between 65 to 70 with high accuracy will be the best.
  • Attempting below 60 in IBPS RRB Prelims exam is not advisable.
  • There is sectional cut off too so minimum 20 question must be attempted in both sections. IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 exam’s last year sectional cut-off for reasoning was 15 and for quantitative aptitude was 12.25 (in Uttar Pradesh).

Practice Online Mock Test Daily on IBPS RRB Prelims Exam:-

  • Daily mock is very important to brush up your skills at last time.
  • Give at least two IBPS RRB mocks daily. To complete one mock test it will take your 45 minutes, after giving a mock test devote your one hour for analysis the mock. Analyze all your minor and major mistakes, note it down and try not to repeat them in next mock.
  • Analyze your weaker and stronger sections. So that you can easily decide the time division. If you found that any type of questions you are continuously failing to do, try that topic separately for one or two hours if you still not getting means you better skip that topic.
  • Try to attempt all questions which are in group, for example try to attempt seating arrangements and data interpretation because for solving those questions it will consume only 2 to 3 minutes and you can answer 5 question at once, so never leave that kind of questions.

What to attempt and what to leave in IBPS RRB Officers Scale-1 Examination:-

  • Do read every question given in the exam, and judge whether you should attempt that question or not. Because if your accuracy is good you can skip up to 15 questions. Don’t waste your time by attempting hard question because marks are same for both easy and hard questions.
  • Ability to judge the question whether it is easy or not will come after giving more mocks test.

Don’t try to learn any new topic-

Don’t waste your time in learning new topics at the last minute. You can use that time by practicing the well known topics and try to be a master in that.


Cram all the formulas and numbers of English alphabets it will save your time during exam.

“All the best for your IBPS RRB 2017 Examination”

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