World Haemophilia Day 2021 with Theme: Check Here

World Haemophilia Day 2021 with Theme is here. The candidates preparing for various competitive exams should prepare for the important days with themes. These questions are very common in the general awareness section. here we provided the important details regarding the World Haemophilia Day 2021 with Theme. So, go through the article and know more about World Haemophilia Day 2021 with theme.


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World Haemophilia Day 2021:

Every year on April 17th, World Haemophilia day is observed. haemophilia is a disorder that leads to excessive bleeding. On world haemophilia day, campaigns, conferences, and workshops will be conducted across all parts of the world to create awareness among the people about this disease.


  • World Haemophilia Day was first celebrated in the year 1989.

  • The World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH) chose April 17th  to observe this day to honour the founder of WFH, Frank Schnabel.

  • This disease was discovered in the 10th century. at that time it was commonly found in males. The disease was then known as Abulcasis.

  • In 1937, this disorder was divided into two types namely A and B. However, no proper treatment was found till that time.

  • Then awareness campaigns have been made for people to understand the requirement of attention and the correct treatment to this serious health issue.

  • In 1963, the WFM was established to improve treatment and care for all the patients.


It is very important to study the important days with themes. In some competitive exams, questions may be related to the themes. For every year there may be a change in the theme. So, you have to be updated with the themes while studying the important days. Only then you can answer the questions related to important days and themes. Here is the theme for the World Haemophilia Day 2021 – ‘Adapting to Change, sustaining care in a new world.’

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