World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme: June 19, History And Significance

World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme: World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated annually on 19th June to highlight the awareness of Sickle Cell disease found within humans. The day was officially celebrated by the UN and it has helped in creating a stir amongst the people regarding the disease, its organisation, the care and precautions and the treatment required for a person who is suffering from the same. Every year, World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme marks several campaigns and boot camps are organised by NGOs and medical practitioners to make us more aware of the seriousness of the disease.


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World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme:

The World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme is ‘Shine the Light on Sickle Cell’. This day Sickle Cell Disease Day is celebrated to raise awareness about its treatment measures and to get effective control over this disease across the world.

Sickle Cell Disease: World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme

Sickle Cell disease is basically inherited anaemia in which the RBC in the body fails to carry the required amount of oxygen in the body. Usually, the shape of the RBC cell is round, however in this disease, the shape of the RBC is turned into the shape of a sickle of the crescent moon and due to this, they find it difficult to move in the body. They are usually stuck in a small blood vessel and therefore restrict the flow of blood to a different part of the body. 

History of World Sickle Cell Day

  • World Sickle Cell Day was first observed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008 to raise awareness regarding sickle cell disease. They also highlighted the pain and the mental trauma that a patient suffering from the disease has to go through. 
  • Hence, upon the final disease on June 19, 2009, the World Sickle Cell was celebrated for the first time. Sickle cell disease is now found in the whole world and it has slowly turned into a hereditary and genetic disease. Owing to the reasons that a huge population is now becoming infected with the disease it is very crucial that more awareness, proper care and treatment is provided to the patients.
  • Along with this, proper diagnosis and early treatment also help in dealing with and treating the disease in a better way. In addition to the UN, now WHO also provides several ways by which the patients of the disease can be treated in a more humanitarian manner.
  • As per the official data and reports, now more than 1000 babies that are born die of the disease before reaching five years of age. The disease is widely spread in Africa and the United States also where more than 90,000 to 100,000 people are affected by this disease.
  • In addition to this, countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Arabic peninsula, Brazil, Surinam, Guiana, Southern Italy, Greece etc. people are suffering from sickle cell anaemia.

Significance of World Sickle Cell Day 2021 Theme

  • The shape of the RBC is turned into the shape of a sickle of the crescent moon and due to this, they find it difficult to move in the body. 
  • Sickle cell anaemia disease is hereditary or genetic in nature and is not at all contagious.
  • To date, there is no definitive cure for sickle cell anaemia. The medical team has been constantly monitoring the situation however one of the best ways that can prevent it is early diagnosis and treatment of the patient. 
  • In sickle cell anaemia, the shape of the RBC is distorted due to which it cannot flow in the body while in iron-deficiency anaemia there is a shortage of RBC in the body.
  • The days inform people about sickle cell anaemia as a major health issue growing in the world and effective steps to fight the same.
  • It also helps in removing all myths and wrong information associated with sickle cell disease.
  • It also provides the correct help that is required to patients who are found to have been diagnosed with the disease.


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