World Sleep Day 2021 Theme: History and Significance and Apps that help you Sleep Better

World Sleep Day 2021 Theme: Sleep may seem like such a normal aspect of life that it might seem silly to even talk about it! It can be one of the banalest, underrated aspects of people’s lives. World Sleep Day 2021 Theme is celebrated on March 19th, 2021. But for those who have recurring sleep problems, getting enough sleep can be a real challenge and affect everything else in life. World Sleep Day 2021 Theme highlights the importance of Sleep.

World Sleep Day 2021 Theme aims to consider and aid those who have sleep problems. It is useful for educating people all over the world about the importance of sleep, as well as changing the way people view and experience sleep by giving them valuable resources to help them in their daily lives. The history and significance of the World Sleep Day 2021 Theme along with the Apps that help you to sleep quickly and also the health benefits of sleeping are also provided here in this article.

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World Sleep Day 2021 Theme:

  • March 19 this year will be celebrated across the globe as World Sleep Day. The annual event is a celebration of one of the most important parts of our daily routines.
  • World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society and the aim of the day is also to create awareness around sleep-related issues and the prevention and management of sleep disorders.
  • While the occasion marks a date every year where sleep disorders and how to prevent them are brought to light, It is important for humans to maintain a healthy sleep cycle on a daily basis.
  • A good sleep of 6-8 hours is crucial to the body and its maximum functionality. However, we often lose track of our decreasing sleep times as our lives continue to be taken over by studies, work, and play.

To make sure you maintain a healthy sleep cycle, here are seven apps that will help you get the right amount of shut-eye.


As hosted by the world sleep society, March 19 is celebrated as World Sleep day. This year the theme of the World Sleep day is “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”.

History of World Sleep Day

  • Hosted since 2008, World Sleep Day is a global awareness act that celebrates sleep and aims to help those with serious sleep problems. Celebrated on the Friday before Spring Vernal Equinox of each year, this holiday has an annual 155 events held across the world and is participated by over 70 countries.
  • World Sleep Day focuses on various issues related to sleep, sleep medicine, education about sleep, and the social effects that sleep deprivation can have on everyday life. From mild to severe, sleep difficulties are a modern problem that may have the ability to hijack people’s entire lives if not kept in check.

World Sleep Day 2021 Theme: Apps that help you sleep better:


  • Calm is a meditation app that you can use right before going to bed. Like most apps on this list, Calm will help you go to sleep faster with sleep stories, soothing music, and even guided lessons on gentle movements that relax the body.


  • Headspace is all about meditation and using meditation techniques to calm your mind. Apart from sleep sounds that help you rest well, the app also features multiple courses all based on topics around living mindfully and others.

Relax melodies

  • Relax Melodies, as the name suggests is an app that can play various sounds to help you go to sleep, and maintain a good sleep as well. You can program the app to play music all night or to shut down after a period of time.


Noisli also provides you with relaxing sounds. However, its biggest feature is the ability to customize your sounds as per your taste and ambiance to create your own soundscape.

Sleep Cycle

  • Sleep Cycle is an app that helps you monitor your sleep time and patterns. The app also has some great features up its sleeve, including monitoring your sleep in real-time by analyzing the sounds you make via your phone.

Health Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep:

1. Prevents serious illnesses: Humans are used to working throughout the day and sleeping at night. Most of our body functions slow down to recover energy for the next day. If this process is disturbed by staying up at night, it may lead to various health issues.

2. Weight management: Good amount of sleep per day helps maintain a healthy body weight. A good night’s sleep keeps our hunger in check till the next morning. Those who stay up at night tend to eat more, which may cause obesity-related health issues. Loss of sleep also hampers glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

3. Helps De-stress: Most of us work long hours and are stressed out after hectic work schedules during the day. Sleep helps relax our overworked brains and muscles. Sleep restores the body’s natural rhythms and heart rate and optimizes all body functions. It helps bring more focus and clarity to our work on the following day.

4. Prevents accidentsThose who work throughout the day and at night are stretching the capacities of their vital organs to the limit. The stress incurred from that is dangerous. The head feels heavy and foggy due to sleeplessness and can cause fatal accidents on roads due to the body’s lack of energy.

5. Social empathyStaying up at night is not only harmful to the individual; it can also impact the sleep of family members, neighbors, and pets if any.

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