March 20 | World Sparrow Day & International Day of Happiness

World Sparrow Day & International Day of Happiness

March 20 – The World Sparrow Day & International Day of Happiness. These days are celebrated to create awareness among the people and also to educate the people to conserve the resources and also to stay happy with the available resources. Keep following us for the national and international important days and its awareness.

International Happiness Day

Happiness is the mental and emotional state of being positive with a pleasant feeling. The International Day of Happiness is celebrated to recognize the importance of the happiness of the people living in and around you. Happiness is the path of living. Always engage yourself in what makes you keep going happily.

International Day of HappinessThe International Day of Happiness is celebrated to know the importance of relationships, kindness, and liveliness. Bid goodbye to all your anger, vengeance and insane. Value your friends, family and especially your happiness rather than valuing your money and status. Let your destination be the ultimate happiness.

World Sparrow Day

March 20th is registered as World Sparrow Day, one of the smallest bird creature. There are interconnections between every living thing to the world ecosystem. For example, a bacteria and also a human are equally important for the eco links. More than 10,000 years sparrows are living around the human beings, with the sweet chirpings in the pleasant mornings. Sparrows are listed in endangered species.


1.The sparrows feed on the small worms, millets and other grains.

2.An Average live time of a sparrow is from 12 to 13 years.

3.Sparrows are the natural pest controller for the humans.

4.Sparrows also hold some important space for pollinating the seeds from one place to another.

5.Builds nests with dried straws and coconut fibers.

How to protect Sparrow from Extinct?

Sparrows are listed as endangered species due to electromagnetic radiation from the cell phone towers. The radiation is making the sparrows infertility due to which they are considered as endangered. The less use of cell phones can save our little chirping sparrows back to normal.

This article has been written to create an awareness among the people. Educate the people the importance of every creature and save the life of the creatures living around us. We wish you all a happy sparrow day.

We IBPS Guide is happy to wish you “International Day of Happiness” & “World Sparrow Day”.


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