March 22nd | World Water Day

World water Day 2018

World Water Day was celebrated on 22nd of March to create awareness about the importance of water and water resources. Each day we celebrate the important events to create the awareness about the benefits and also the disasters without the water resources to the people all over the world. So far there are many countries suffering from drought due to global warming. Every country has to take proper steps to conserve at least the available water resources. There is nothing left without water, it plays a vital role in our day to day life. A man can survive only for 21 days without the intake of water. Life could never exist in the absence of water. Take a look at our article to understand the importance of the water and water resources.

World Water Day

Importance of Water

1.Water is essential for the functioning of our body.

2.It dehydrates our body, our body consists of 60% of water.

3.Water is a solvent which transports the essential molecules to our body parts.

4.Life can never exist without water.

5.Water also contains vitamins and minerals naturally.

6.It is essential for the plants and trees to grow.

7.Conserve our precious gift, money can never buy water only nature can give you the water resources.

We IBPS Guide, wish you to learn about the importance and live conservatively with available water resources.

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